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oh dear kouk, a good smoked oyster is good. NZ smoked green lip mussel, is way over the top. Smoked mushrooms are in another dimension
If you get yourself sorted, then its never going to be a problem. The helicopter view makes sense. Another way of looking at it, is to displace yourself from the workplace, and then look at it from the 3rd person view. disconnecting yourself gives a clearer view. Dispassionate and emotionless tends to give clarity
Well, the best thing is to focus on what you do right, and then take it from there. From what I see, you will do fine if you are tinkering at home. Trust me, I've gone from kitchen hand to a chef with an agency being flown around Australia. I know it sometimes takes time, but you never know where it will take you. For me, it can be anything from,10 people on a 76ft yacht on Sydney harbour to 6,500 for 3 course played meal
Oh dear, a recent trip to NZ has me listening to Lorde constantly. NIN/QOTSA touring in march. Heya Trent, hope this time we meet, I don't look like a homeless guy hanging around the airport.
You know, at the end of the day, its never going to be a negative comment that's going to drag you down. The self nagging doubt in the back of your head is what's doing it. Unfortunately, negative feedback will back that up, otherwise one would just shake it off. Best way to deal with it is to accept positive and negative feedback neutrally and remember, just like pain and pleasure, it is only a measure. Don't let the negative self talk do your head in.
Heh, when I was working on lord howe island, I thought i was going to be carried off by one, cause of its size. Content now a days to squash the red backs i find around the unit
Er, Professional Multibillionaire
erm, melbourne ska orchestra, Nine Inch Nails, Gary Numan, U2 (achtung baby and Zooropa) B-52s. Couple of other bands
oh dear. A grill cleaner solution that contains at least 10% sodium hydroxide. Grill turned down to at least half way (leave chemical on grill for at least 10 mins). scrape grill after applying chemical. Rinse with water twice. Rinse with vinegar. Rinse again with water. Rinse with lemon juice. Wipe clean, and the rinse with water and wipe clean.
quite possibly, onions over browned and deglazed with wine. generally, you will find that if the onions caramelise to much, the wine will lift the onion caramel and leave it in the sauce. With a tomato based sauce, it shouldnt be so pronounced, but it will be there.
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