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Stephaine Alexanders Cooks Companion an A to Z of ingerients the uses of each what they go with reciepes and ideas a book everyone should have  
on a summers night after the sun has gone down the sky is that amazing grey purple blue
Cleaning wild duck Oh the feathers and the smell of scraping the insides out yuk!
You were out with friends live with it and drink another bottle of red.
If you can get it cooks companion by Stephanie Alexander is a must have!!
Hi Pat, An apprenticeship works by employing someone full time, they work for you 4 days a week and you let and pay them to go to trade school 1 day a week(if they decide to go).An apprenticeship lasts for 3 years (used to be 4 but some bright spark decided to change it to 3 so we would have more cooks never enough) if you pass trade school and have done all your time on the job you get trade papers.As for apprentice cook or chef there is no difference.The pay rates are...
Fantastic show, so funny!! best episode is with the health inspector we are all going to die of wood poisoning.still makes me giggle after all these years just thinking about it. :bounce:
We can cook down under he is sublime the food is to die for.You should also try kylie kwong it's where heaven is.
Better to be a good cook any day than be called chef! :p
I worked with a chef once loved french hunting music sounded like a heard of dying elephants ooooooooooooh my ears! :cry: I like anything I can understand the words to I must be getting old. :)
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