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For dessert?
What are some desserts you can make which contain jam/jelly?
Is sanitizing jam jars necessary if you refrigerate it?   If not, can they be sanitized with K-meta?
Here is the kind from Peru:
It's popular in Peru as well
If I replace pectin with gelatin in a jam recipe, can I use less sugar? Are there any other ways to reduce the sugar and still have the right consistency?
What's the best bread machine?  Anyone have one?  Which one, and how do you like it?   (Its not for me)
¿Qué piensas?  Una es cerdo asado y cebollas con pico de gallo, y la otra es frijoles negros con chorizo y guacamole.
Me parece seríán mejor con una carne, por ejemplo pollo o vaca.
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