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Does anyone have a recipe for Esgarrat?
Would cheese go well with roasted peppers and eggplant?   If not any other ideas what to do with cheese, red peppers and eggplant?
Is 24-48 hours marinade too long for a tough piece of meat?   Such as a beef roast or pork butt?   Are there any ingredients that would fair well to a long marinade?  And any to avoid?   -TIA
What a some good restaurants in Madrid?   Preferably near the eastern Centro and western Retiro areas.
 So in that video (don't speak Italian), is that still 8 finger cavatelli?
How come its not called 2 thumb cavatelli then?   I was thinking its because the noodles are about the length of 8 fingertips side by side.
Where does the "8 finger" come from in 8 finger cavatelli?
Its similar to fresh mozzarella then?
Is Queso Cremoso more similar to cream cheese or brie?       http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cremoso_cheese
It breaks down the meat to make it not as chewy and it also allows the marinade to penetrate into the meat.
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