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Is the cold smoking mainly to dry it out some, plus it adds flavor?
How long do you cure yours for?
I've read the AWESOME tutorial here on making lox.   Can it be done in a regular oven/grill?   Just to get this straight, you pickle the fish first, then cook it (at low/no heat)?
What's a good use for black garlic?   TIA
Rutherford Hill has some great wines for the money.   Get one of those suction stopper things, so you can save what's ever left.
I got a Chef's Choice 1520 a couple years ago, well worth the money.
What is your favorite lunch/dinner smoothie?
What's the secret to making a good garlic mayo?   Something similar to this:
What are some good uses for Lizano Salsa?   TIA
Does anyone have a recipe for Esgarrat?
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