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¿Qué piensas?  Una es cerdo asado y cebollas con pico de gallo, y la otra es frijoles negros con chorizo y guacamole.
Me parece seríán mejor con una carne, por ejemplo pollo o vaca.
Solo esos?
What are the best/your favorite fillings for arepas?
Would you ever use a non-drinkable wine for cooking?  IE to make a pan sauce.   I was told salt is intentionally added to a wine, which had also turned to vinegar (not sure if that was the result of the salt), to make it a "cooking wine".
Do you use a lower temp when baking/roasting using the convection bake setting (as opposed to the normal bake)?   And do you like to set the oven temp 25 degrees higher when preheating and then lower it after you put the food in?  (To account for the heat loss when you open the door).
So I made the first 4 meals.  All the meats were very fresh, even the salmon (below), which I'm rather particular about.   The 4 meals were: Chicken Marsala Salmon Poke Bowls Steak with Sunchokes Truffle Oil Burrata Pizza   Overall I really enjoyed the meals, there are some ingredients you don't get to eat everyday which is a nice change, and everything's really easy to cook.   Plated seems to be the most expensive service, but their meals are higher quality/more...
I think your right, I opened it right as it came and now the steak, which was rock solid frozen, is already almost fully defrosted just from being in the fridge.    So far I made the chicken, which arrive fresh/thawed and that was great!   I'll post another update after make the other 3.
Do yall prefer steaming to boiling?  I get pretty good results boiling the ribs first, and then you have a stock you can use for something else.
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