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What's a good way to prepare string beans to eat with bbq?
What is a good Zaatar to Sumac ratio?   And what are your favorite things to put it on?
Would it be better for tortillas or tamales then?
I left out a few corn cobs for squirrels that I got at a bird seed store, and the squirrels buried them, and now I have 7 foot stalks of corn in various places in my yard.   Is this corn safe to eat?
Thanks for those tips tried a couple of those.  Also Market Grill in Pikes was good, although the portions were small.  And I also went to Duke's which has really good Salmon.
Try to do opposites, for example if you have a high cocao content South American chocolate, pair it with a sweeter wine, or where if you have a sweeter Belgian chocolate pair it with a dryer wine.   Sparkling wines go really well, as well as old world wines.
Vaca frita.   A mix of any kind of meat and cheese would work.
It depends on the dish, but in general a Sauvignon blanc would work really well.
I'll be in a Seattle (downtown area near Pike Place market), what are the good restaurants in that area?
Is the cold smoking mainly to dry it out some, plus it adds flavor?
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