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What are some typical Catalonian dishes?
What are some good restaurants in Barcelona?   I'll be there for 3 days (2 nights).   Looking for something reasonably priced and OK for kids.   TIA
Cool!  I'll save it, I only fried a few, they were chickpeas and beans, no real flour.
I made Turkey croquettes, should I toss that oil?
How long will lightly used oil last?   Should I strain it before I store it?   TIA
Wine and celcius?
Whats the best way to make a pan sauce when cooking a steak?
No hay problema
 If you order paella in Valencia, you will get it with rabbit and snails (and usually chicken, beans and peppers), and it will be cooked over orange wood.  And their seafood rice dish is made with squid ink.
Should a beef brisket (2-3lbs) be cooked medium rare, or for several (2-3) hours (so the colagen breaks down), to get a tender final product?   TIA
New Posts  All Forums: