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What's the best way to cook a steak and have a lof of gravy?   TIA
What are you cooking to eat during the World Cup finals?
It seems the FDA us no longer as concerned with trichinosis because they no longer require pork to be cooked well done, I think they treat it the same as beef now, as far as temp is concerned.
Normal pork I usually good well done as well, but higher quality pork such as wild hog, I cook more so how I'd cook a steak (IE med rare)
Thanks!  Good thing I didn't eat it!
Thanks!  Is shoe menders plant edible?
What is the best way to cook Iberico pork? (The purple marbled kind, from the pigs that mostly eat acorns)   Should this be cooked medium rare?   Should it be marinaded?   Any idea roughly how much this would cost in Spain from a butcher? (It will be there next month in a place with a kitchen)  The online places that sell this have rediculously high prices.   TIA
Don't think its that, I certainly didnt plant any if it is.
What type of plant is this? (the big ones, they are 2 plants)   Spinich?  Greens?  Lettuce?  A Weed?  
Does anyone here cook with hardwood?  Do you need to "start" the wood chunks first (like you do with coals, in a chimney starter or pyramid)?
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