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:look: I never said she wasn't attractive. Just that she can't cook, which we agree on. BTW, she's getting divorced, Mark. Now's your chance!!! :roll: I think Tony and Ming are hot guys. And they know food and can cook. ;)
ON FTV, Sara Moulton and Anthony Boudain are CIA trained chefs. Others are from J&W, Le Cordon Bleu, or have no formal training.
You need to just live your life. Mom will get used to it. If not, just take her ranting with a grain of salt and realize that she loves you and doesn't know how to let go a little. Perhaps she needs to find some other interest beside your life. Get her to join a club or do some volunteer work, or something.
This thread reminds me of the sign I saw on a falafel cart..."We Have the Tastiest Balls in Town" :suprise: :look: This will give you good info about recipes and copyright law. I can't find the thread either, but I know there is one. :mad:
You can put oil on them and anything else you like on potatoes. Are you using green or yellow plantains? You can put lime juice and chili on either. If you are putting cheese, use a moterrey jack or other Mexican type near the end of cooking. Best thing is to look for recipes for them and follow the instructions.
Oh, thanks Mark! Mine are a little hard to peel. Guess mom wasn't always right. No more vinegar in the water for me!
Float rule is the way to go. Expiration dates can and have been altered by unscrupulous sellers. Not always reliable for other reasons too, like whether or not the store or you kept them adequately refrigerated. I do the cold water to boil, then turn off heat and cover method, but I add white vinegar to the water. When I take the eggs out, I crack the shells a little to allow release of the gasses. I never have that grey-green yolk ring or any odor. Mom taught me this. :)
Shaolin Bushido, you said no offense intended, but I find a number of things in your post quite offensive. You liken critique of this show to an e- "cat fight." I guess you assume only women are critical of Semi-Homemade. You are wrong. This show and the kind of fare promoted have been harshly critiqued by men and women from the NY Times, Slate, food publications, and websites and forums all over the net. To suggest that there is envy because of the host's looks is...
Can't wait for your review, Chiffonade! I don't watch this nonsense too much anymore, just occassionally to see if there's any improvement or for a laugh. And, I didn't get to see this entire episode, so I'm sure I missed some crazy stuff. You know, I think I've finally figured out why this show is on the air and on Food Network. As I've been unable to figure out who the target audience is (not younger inexperienced cooks, they already cook this way, not the average...
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