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Musky: if you want a break from the cheese,cheese, cheese - make some Bruschetta. Easy - toast rounds of French bread ( or pieces of Ciabatta, or Italian breaad - whatever takes your fancy) and drizzle with olive oil. Mix together : Diced tomato Finely chopped olives a tiny weeny bit of onion 2 or 20 cloves of garlic ( if you like it) a few chopped capers basil oregano abundant olive oil salt + pepper Allow to stand until ready to serve. re-heat the...
I've used some Lagostina cookware. Fine stuff. Go ahead and buy some!
If the potatoes are relatively new,clean, unmarked; you can leave the peel on. If the potatoes are old,grungy, pitted, etc. - it's best to peel them! I often, but not always, cook potatoes whole, with their skins, then slip the skin off when they're done.
First of all; the E-Numbers all seem to refer to chemical food additives. So there's a start - don't eat anything that's not FRESH. As for pancakes without eggs: Try making Indian Dosas - a mixture of fermented rice and lentils. NO eggs. You could also make Cachapas - a Venezuelan pancake made from freshly ground (sweet)corn and stuffed with white cheese.
I'm doing some Croissants for a Summer Camp this week. 100 kids, oh no, ... Croissant with ham, cream cheese, and guava jelly. If you've never eaten one, you've never lived! LOL!!!
I do something like that for my own benefit! When I've rehydrated them, I mix the tomatoes with garlic, capers, black peppercorns, bay leaves and a pinch of oregano. Given the adverse criticisms of garlic, I roast mine first. Usually, four days is enough for the flavour to really come through.
Bonjour, Robert, comment ├ža va? Stick around - this is a happy place!
Lovely ideas, Suzanne! The British Vegetable Marrow , whilst related to the zucchini ( which we call a courgette, just to make things more complicated) is much bigger - and blander in flavour, poor thing! I used to get it served baked in butter with a little salt and pepper, and honestly, it was VERY hard work to distinguish any strong flavour there! You could try using it stirfried with cumin seeds, or grate it, mix with a little onion, curry powder and chickpea (besan)...
To address the original question: Fresh salsas are grotty after a day, as far as I'm concerned. The simplest ones I makes are just tomato, onion, lemon juice salt, fresh chile - and after 24 hrs, they turn soft and bitter. However, I can rumble up a salsa in five minutes so I'm sure you can too! Roast the tomatoes and you get a longer shelf life, but again, I wouldn't want to keep the stuff more than 3-4 days. I make a roasted vegetable salsa sometimes, with a slightly...
A chutney is supposed to be smooth rather than have pieces of fruit in it - but I think that idea went out of the window a long time ago! To make a simple (British style) chutney, cook together 1 quantity of fruit, HALF that weight in sugar ( brown or white) and a quarter of the weight of the fruit in vinegar. Add 1 or 2 tsps of mixed spices. Cook together in a stainless steel pan for about 50 minutes, start to finish. For a delicious Indian style chutney, mix...
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