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  Seared Maine sea scallops topped with a gratin of coral butter and a spring vegetable lobster nage
Great thread Jim,   I agree really with everyone. I guess the reason I still love to cook is to pass down the honor to cook for others while satiating my own desire. If I was to reduce it "au sec"it would be the pride and enthusiasm of young cooks having an "ah ha"moment and having a guest stop by the pass on their way out to simple say thank you.
Very nice.....Nothing like having friends who work the soil and sea and reward us with the fruits of their labors.What a pretty meat to fat ratio!!
RIP Chef Trotter and gods speed to your family...........sad day and so young
Haven't seen the commercial in question.Why not work on our craft/art and not worry so much about the stuff we have no control over. Happy cooking
Agreed....or a fine blue veined cheese. Either way, enjoy!
It is what it is,we age in our kitchens and our lives. I believe in culinary brotherhood (sisterhood). Yeap, really hard industry. No list from me.I want to continue to grow, growth will almost always require sacrifice.
With out getting into details about what a demi is classically, I would not add butter then hold for service. You need to keep your food "sauce" at safe temps. If you are unable to mont with butter a la minute, then don't do it. Just serve your steak simply with your sauce, "sans" butter.You mentioned holding in a thermos, can't you just hold in a bain marie? Regardless, good luck and happy cooking.........   PS, skirts are over rated, if you can get onglet use...
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