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I am not a professional chef.. and hope that is ok. :nervous look: :D My ex was a chef (is a chef??!) and I never cooked for him in 7 years but I always watched and learned. I have since been addicted. (That was at least 4 years ago!) I enjoy finding good sites to learn from. :)
I agree with the cleaning of lettuce. I need a good salad spinner because I always lay mine out on paper towels to dry... :rolleyes:
Tomato, baby spinach, roasted red peppers, potabella mushrooms, cheddar cheese with balsamic vinegarette on a toasted white sub. :lips: Tuna.. with anything *grin* I eat it everyday for lunch. My preference would be to have it on oat bread, cheddar, baby spinach, and tomatoes. Avacado, tomatoes, black olives, cucumbers with a horseradish/ mayo sauce. Usually on a pita.
Another vote for The Joy of Cooking.... :D
Hi, I'm new so I thought I would jump on in. I'm not a chef but my ex was training as one so I fell in love with cooking! He used to give me the task of cleaning mushrooms with a damp paper towel. I hated that! and I will probably never eat swordfish again.. I heard the same about grouper and haven't touched it in years.... :cry:
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