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Absolutely. My notebook looks like a seasoned folder containing illegible scribble that has been drug out of a hurricane, but whenever I come up with something I know I will want to write a formal recipe for, at least I have notes.... Pics are important too -- even if you just grab your cell phone. Cheers! S
Thank you for the kudos. Very glad to be back. Day off today, so one of my workers and I have been planting on the property. A few local restaurants / grocers like to get produce from small organic gardens. Visitors seem to appreciate it. There is also a safe house for women and children that is trying to implement a healthy food program that I will provide as much as I can for. Such a flux right now.... The property is for sale, but I don't foresee a buyer anytime...
It has been a while. Again, life presents its challenges to which we must address. It looks like there have been plenty of changes here! The site looks terrific. I need to block out some time and check it all out. Menu planning time. I just wanted to send out a quick shout out. I hope everyone is doing fantastic, or at least hanging in there! I miss my cheftalk family :-) Cheers! Stevie
First, a glass of bubbly. Ahhhhhhhhh. Or a chilled Lilet on ice with a citrus twist on a hot day. But basically I am a wino ;) If I ever have anything hard, which isn't frequent, it is a gin martini with a citrus twist, and occaisionally a cranberry splash.
When I took over as sausage maker at one of Seattle's restaurants, the previous "gentleman" wasn't too happy about it. On his last day, we punched out an amazing amount of sausages.... Ground the meat, prepped the seasoning, casings, made the links.... At the end of the day we were both exhausted, and in the middle of grinding the meat for the Italian sausage he said "don't worry, go home, I'd like to finish up here alone." I figured, ok, I can understand that, last...
Hm... definitely a grab bag of knowledge and talent for one unique restaurant! It would be fun coming up with a name for it! :crazy::)
LOL between the three of us we could sure come up with one good show! Or at least a book.... I have been writing on the side, trying to integrate my plant compound research with food....
Aloha -- former Maui girl here. How's Oahu? I am so glad you posted this thread. I have a Masters in biology (plant research), I am a cook, and studied alternative medicine as well. I too have been trying to figure out what the heck to do with everything under my belt.... In addition, I now have six acres of fertile land. Herb farm? Build a greenhouse? Grow Chinese herbs? Restaurant? There are so many possibilities. The problem is finding the niche. But the...
When you feed a plant, you need to dissolve the food in water prior to administering. If you just add the food and leave it on the soil it will shock / "burn" the plant -- especially high nitrogen content on herbaceous plants. Check the stems, cut them back, soak the ground and pray ;) What type of herbs? S
Have a lovely one. Cheers! ;)
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