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I wear Dansko pro's the oiled leather full back version. I got 4 years out of my last pair, just wipe them down everynight, and keep the leather oiled.
I worked for "The Doctor" for years, the man has more knowledge in his sweat than 99% of the chefs out there. If the book is anything like Neil it will be great.
Me of course:smoking:, all kidding aside it is a tie between Neil Connoly(google him) or Micheal Berio(google him too). Both set records in the cullinary olympics, and are great all around guys.
I will eat them up, send them my way.
Beer; because I am no longer active in the profession, definatly beer:beer:
Try Misaki, off west main in Hyannis. It is THE BEST authentic Japenese/sushi resturant in the entire Northeast PERIOD.
I picked up the original up from a thrift store for a dollar. It is invalubale(sp check) I like it almost as the larouse(sp check).
I learned the finer points of a carving station at a young age(16). The meat has just a little to do with it. If you can talk up the guest you are golden. I have carved every thing from steamship to tenderloin. Your attitude is everything, if you are personable to the guest that is key no matter the cut of meat. I have served construction guys prime rib and bridesmaids tenderloin both with the same smile. If you are happy the guest(not customer) will be happy.
Buy a Forchner, and call it a day. A good sharp knife for not alot of cash.
Well you could do what alot of us do, learn construction and get out of the kitchen.....LOL. In all reality you could probally have another job tomorrow if you present yourself properly.
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