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Here's something simple.  The "average" bread dough is hydrated at 65%.  That means whatever weight of flour you're using, multiply it's weight by 65% and that's the weight of water that you'll be adding to the flour.
Get yourself a copy of Ruhlman's book entitled RATIO.  It really got me into the ballpark.
 Imho yes!  Cooked egg + dairy + heat.  Quiche would include a savory but not sweet custard.
How much are you transporting and I assume that it's already dished.  Playmate + blue ice.
I blind bake for 45 minutes leaving the pie weights in for the full time, 45 minutes.  That is what has eliminated the swelling at the center floor of the shell.  Then the weights along with the parchment paper are removed and the shell baked for another 10 minutes for further drying.  Removed from the oven and allowed to cool I then brush the shell with egg wash (your choice  of ingredients) and bake for another 10 minutes or until browned and shiny.  And this method...
Correct, it's a grey colored oil stone.
All of my tart doughs are made by hand.
Manually otherwise you'll burn out your mixer.
I say begin with a Patee Brisee, a ratio of 3:2:1 and have at it.
I follow Peterson's recipe in his book entitled BAKING and use heavy cream for that luxiorious mouthfeel.  The infusion of a Uganda Vanilla Bean (from Beanilla) in the heavy cream complements the overall rich and creamy flavour.
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