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Try mixing a little bit of cayenne pepper with your dry ingredients.  And in the future, soak the meat in buttermilk for four hours or overnight; it makes for a really succulent dish!
  ...and also Salumi, Charcuterie and Wurst at Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/groups/salumi.charcuterie.wurst/
Hmmm, that sprig of rosemary adds some definite highlights as well.
What does it taste like when it hits the taste buds, is all that counts.  Sometimes presentation helps.
But can a food processor perform a julienne or scrape out the vanilla seeds!  Uhh ooh, let us not micro-manage!
 Baking Skills = Tactile sense + Observations.......................as some other member has pointed out at this forum.  8)
For the rice to have "...a special note....", how is the rice stored or prepared using orange wood?
The has been an occasional post made at Cheftalk claiming that food cooked in a tin lined pan tastes a bit differently.  And one of my former professors from Morocco claimed that the well-water tasted better in a jug that was tin lined. 
I agree with you 100%.  Mobility not being an issue, there is something to be learned when making pate brisee manually that just won't come across with a mixer even if it is a Hobart!   
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