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I use 1ml beeswax per 500 ml mineral oil and it works fine on my cutting boards.  For furniture waxing (I'm just guessing) I'd probably use a thicker mixture meaning more beeswax per unit of mineral oil.
I, too, would like to hear more about sweating onions. in learning how to braise meats by a chef-instructor formerly with The Ritz in southern California, he, too, used a cartouche with a small hole in the middle during the braise.
I, too, would like to hear more about sweating onions.
Certainly!  8)
I neither rinse nor dry the bones.  They're use as is.
Get yourself some crepe pans made of carbon steel.
I make my chicken stock on the stove top using all the bones and leftovers from the carcasse.  Added are bay leaves, the base of a stalk of cerely, thyme, garlic and very little salt.  The stock is clarified as time goes on using a skimmer and it comes out crystal clear.  Oh and the most important thing is to NOT BOIL THE STOCK.  It simmers for the entirety, barely bubbling if at all.   (EDIT)  Oh, and don't forget to add onions, green onions and perhaps leeks, too. ...
Google is your best friend:
Cast Iron Lodge 5 QT Dutch Oven for stews.   Cast Iron Lodge 7 QT Dutch Oven for Stews and breadbaking (1.2kg dough)
WTF!  Noone has mentioned Swedish pancakes with lingonberries.  Some of my favorite bkfst with thinned sourdough pancakes bordering on crepes.
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