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My Nutribullet does a great job at grinding some spices like peppercorns and toasted seeds that are added to bread dough.
Coarse one one side and fine on the other as shown on this page.
Go visit the Wok Shop website in San Francisco:  http://www.wokshop.com/   Here's their video on wok seasoning:         As to me, I simply washed my new wok in soap and water, towel dry.  Then after it was thoroughly rubbed with peanut oil, it was placed into a 450F oven for around four hours before shutting down the heat.  I did this whole procedure twice before beginning to cook with it.
During the middle ages in Europe rose water was used in quite a few recipes and it's widely used in the middle east these days.
    Best, -T
Not long ago I turned 60 and am seeing a tremendous drop in my energy levels.  Be prepared for this and keep up an exercise program for your body is the only real thing you own in life.
 KA mixers and their quality have been discussed at length here and other forums and they're fine for mixing meringues, whipped cream and cakes.  For bread dough you should take a look at the Ankarsrum mixer.  It's truly a better investment for kneading bread dough along with whipping cream.
BoardSmith  BoardSmith BoardSmith BoardSmith BoardSmith BoardSmith BoardSmith BoardSmith    Lately I've seen too many negative reviews on Boos boards at this forum.
+1 for Vollrath Tribute pans and also carbon steel fry pans.
For whetstones aka oilstones:     http://www.sharpeningsupplies.com/   ...for the Norton Tri Hone that's geared toward butchers and meat cutters   http://www.hallsharpstones.com/    ...for Arkansas finishing stones, surgical stones.
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