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If you're going to Paris then visit the E. Dehillerin brick and mortar store in that classy district.  Once purchased the item can be shipped directly to you from the store and of course you'll pay S&H at the time of purchase.  Otherwise if conducting the purchase online then you'll fax to them both your signature and CC# and they'll fax to you the order confirmation.
Fwiw I paid over $150 for a combination bench stone: a soft arkansas and a black surgical stone measuring over 11 inches by 3 inches.  They're not cheap if well made and from a reputable source.  An they're both meant to have the edge dragged in reverse over the surface instead of having the edge pushed into it in order to acquire a finely honed edge.
  Any stone finer than a fine India stone is meant for one thing only, polishing.  And Arkansas stones are NOT meant for cutting, only for polishing to various degrees.  One step beyond a translucent Arkansas is the Surgical Stone which is usually dyed black.  It's actually a super super duper finely grained Arkansas stone that will cost your first born in order to acquire. And Arkansas is therefore not meant for rebeveling nor for chip removal.  Those are jobs that are...
I ended up purchasing a refurb'ed Hobart 5 qt mixer.  Problems solved.  And it was the best $1000 I ever spent.
A bread spread for ham and cheese sammiches.
To clean after cooking and rinsing, I heat the pan with some table salt.  Once hot, add a couple drops of oil and scrub the salt/oil mixture using a stainless steel scrubber.  Allow the pan to cool, then rinse, then reheat slightly and apply a light coating of oil.  My choice of oil is peanut oil.
Allow the pizza stone to set inside of the oven when the oven is set to "cleaning cycle".  This assumes an electric oven is used and I've used this method of cleaning my stone several times without any adverse effects.   But I know another person who bakes on his stone thru thick and thin, whether it's bread, pizza, or even a roast beef setting inside of a roasting pan.  And he's never cleaned his stone.   There you have it, VOILA, from both sides of the spectrum!
Another brand of enameled CI would be Staub.  Just as expensive as Le Creuset.
..The Wok Shop in S.F.. They're online.
That "bread knife" is identical to the one I purchased in 2002 labeled Sabatier and it's made in China.
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