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My previous post has been edited for clarity.
+1 ^^^^^^^^^^   My Sabatiers with CS blades, all have silver and not gold colored rivets (EDIT) and all have been used since the '70s.  The blades are pitted both from the pouring of the metal and use over the decades.
 WOW!!!!!!!!!!  I never knew that a beef rib could be sooooooooo huge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The one that's listed at cutleryandmore appears identical to the one I use and I use it just a few times a year.  It gives adequate service.
The tin can flake off and rust appears.  And replating tin is nowadays very expensive.  If you're going the 30X a year use, then spend the extra $$'s to get something that won't need replacing and that means spending $75+.
 Take a look at the icons located above where you type in your post.  There's an icon that indicates "INSERT IMAGE".  The icon itself seems to display two mountain tops.
@Vic Cardenas Could you please post a piccie or three of your outdoor jet burner + tank + feeder hose setup.  Inquiring minds demand to know!  
 Yeah, that jet burner looks a bit extreme for domestic indoor use!
For that price I'd take a good look at OXO and Cuispro at Amazon.   For a lot more give or take, look at Matfer!
To keep things warm I simply turn on the light that's inside of my oven!     
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