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 You've probably observed that process being used on the tv show BBQ Pittmasters.  But you knew that already!  8)
Just lemme know.
Is there someplace here in the U.S. where Vasterviks can be procured as an exhaustive search revealed nothing?
Yeah!   You easterners like me, prefer your dishes spicier.  From where do you hail?
 That stuff looks like what you can get in outer space.
Rub the apple slices with a lemon.
Some species of apples possess a higher water content that will affect their rate of browning - if you've made apple tarts from different kinds of apples.  In the past I've mentioned a pastry book written by a master pastry chef from the Alsace Lorraine area and it is, indeed, a worthwhile read for you pastry and apple wannabees.
GARLIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     Just slice the potatos I don't know around a eighth of an inch thick and fry in olive oil along with a bay leaf or two, clove of garlic/garlique, a clove of clove, (EDIT)small pinch of white pepper, and either some thyme or sprig of rosemary.  S&P always.  Once browned, serve with - on the side - a dollop (1 Tbsp) of Coleman's Hot English Mustard. (EDIT)  Both red and yellow potatos fry-up THE best!
I like Coleman's powder made freshly to place alongside a batch of pan fried potatos, garlique, a single clove of clove, and a bit of rosemary.  I think the dish is called dijon style potatos.   Sometimes I like Frenche's and Demler's yellow mustards.   I also like Inglehoffer's Sweet Hot Mustard with Honey, too.
Vollrath makes a slightly higher quality (thicker) line of pans called Tribute.  Very nice.
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