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..The Wok Shop in S.F.. They're online.
That "bread knife" is identical to the one I purchased in 2002 labeled Sabatier and it's made in China.
Here:   https://www.google.com/search?q=springform+stainless+cake+pan&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8
I prefer using salt and/or a stainless steel scrubber for cleaning all of my CS pans and woks.  The last step is to deposit 2 to 3 drops of oil and some salt and rub it with a paper towel and finally rinse and dry.
We spent lots of time having luaus on Agate beach which was truly empty at the time, no hotels at all.   Fwiw to help put out the fire of peppers, I'd recommend eating pineapple.
A long time ago at this forum, around 2000 or so, there was a member whose name was Papa and he was Greek.  He'd state that the octopi he caught were beaten against a rock in order to tenderize them.
Up thru last year, 2015, I had perfectly great experiences with both KATOM and FSW and i really dunno' what happened with both of those vendors lately because I haven't ordered anything from them lately.  Things do, indeed, change in the world of retail sales on a daily basis.
I've used my Ninja for about 2 1/2 years about two to three times weekly and it works fine for me.  Inexpensive but it fills the bills.
Up thru last year I had positive experiences with all of the vendors mentioned in this thread especially FSW.  Dunno' what happened there and at the time of this posting I am totally blindsided with the negative reviews of FSW.  For me, their customer service was fine - at least thru 2015 and all of my orders were received in a timely manner.
Fwiw my own scone recipe follows but it ain't crunchy.   SCONES AMERICAN STYLE   MAIN INGREDIENTS   2C AP Flour  (220g)   2 1/2C Bread Flour (330g)   1+ TBS baking powder (11g)   3 TBS Sugar (35g)   2/3 tsp salt (4g)   1C Raisins (125g)   2C Heavy Cream   1 egg beaten   Lemon zest   Optional   1 egg wash for coating   1 tsp lemon oil added to cream or some lemon zest   Turbinado or maple sugar sprinkled on top of egg wash   Crystallized...
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