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...time for you to explore.
We amerikans We amerikans are Masters of the Melting Pot!!!!!!!!!!!!                    But you're probably correct, GeneM.
 Just google dashi.  8)
Dashi, from Southeast Asia to Korea, will use dried seafood ranging from shrimp to anchovies.  Doesn't matter.   And thanks for the reminder on kombu as I just happen to have some on hand.
Shitakes are presently undergoing an overnight soak in cold water.  Tomorrow using the strained "broth", I'll add dried shrimp and allow to soak for awhile.   And the shitakes will be sliced and woked with bok choy along with a side of woked firm tofu and strips of hot pepper beef.    Comments appreciated concerning the dashi.
Here at this forum you need to post both your recipe (ingredients) and procedure.
 Looking at the Globe 5, it appears to be of professional quality but reduced in size only for the home and I have no experience at all with it.
My Nutribullet does a great job at grinding some spices like peppercorns and toasted seeds that are added to bread dough.
Coarse one one side and fine on the other as shown on this page.
Go visit the Wok Shop website in San Francisco:  http://www.wokshop.com/   Here's their video on wok seasoning:         As to me, I simply washed my new wok in soap and water, towel dry.  Then after it was thoroughly rubbed with peanut oil, it was placed into a 450F oven for around four hours before shutting down the heat.  I did this whole procedure twice before beginning to cook with it.
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