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Your recipe for the crust, and filling, please.
What flour(s) were used in making the crust.  Those spots could be flakes of bran but I could be wrong.
 Even with the flours I use for bread that have malted barley added to them, I add approx. 1 heaping tsp per 1  kg flour give or take.  No need for microscopy.And be advised that boutique mills in America like Weisenberger Mills and Rocky Mountain Milling do not add malted barley to their product.
In America malted barley in small amounts is added to flour as an enzyme and not a filler. 
I use Ruhlman's 3:2:1 ratio mentioned in his book Ratio.  And again I bake at 425 F.  Try baking longer, for at least 1 - 1.5 hrs.
For my quiches, once completely baked for 45 minutes, I then line the corners and any other open space(s) with gruyere cheese and bake for additional 10 minutes to seal the holes.  Works for me!    
Then go and take a look at the bar supplies section of your local restaurant supplier otherwise google the darned thing.
The greek/mediterranean oregano that I've purchased from Penzeys tastes lemony, with a citrus flavor.
 I got one from the kitchenware section from either Kroger or Wally's that shows the measurements indicated by Luc_H.  It doesn't show, however, "1/8 cup".  And the vessel resembles a very small drinkng glass.
I'm ecstatic to have both of the two previous posters to set me straight!
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