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 Not in my experience as a home cook when it comes to pate brisee/sucree.  I place a lined tart shell filled with pie weights onto a baking sheet.  It's then placed into the lower rack of oven preheated to 375-425 F and blind baked for 15 minutes.  The weights are removed and it's baked another 15 minutes.  The shell is then removed and brushed with a mixture of lightly beaten egg white mixed with granulated sugar.   It's placed back into the oven and baked another 15...
 @Fablesable THANK YOU and my previous post was edited for better clarity. And my tart shells are completely prebaked for 45 minutes at 385-425F prior to filling, and mostly on the bottom rack and partly on the top rack.  That's how I achieve the dry, flaky bottom and a good degree of golden brownness.
Okay I baked a lemon tart using the pate sucree (Ruhlman's 3/2/1 + 2 TBS granulated sugar).  The snap of the crust was phenomenal and the butter flavor came thru really well.  However the shell seemed just a bit thinner than a crust made with 100% AP.  And, AND the bottom of the shell was dry as usual and the flakyness predominant.   The next time I may experiment using a 60:40 mixture of AP + pastry flour for a bit more bulk.  And forgive me for not having mentioned...
 I had always thought that bread made in Europe is made from soft wheat.  And can you please cite a reference that APF is a mixture of hard and soft wheats.  8)
 Is pastry flour higher in gluten than cake flour?
My favorite vodkas are Seagrams and two Polish brands that I haven't seen in ages: Zubrovka and Wyborova.  I hope that I've spelled the names correctly.  The Polish ones have some of the smoothest taste that I've ever experienced in a vodka.
Up to today for making pate brisee/sucree I always used KA AP or a blend of KA AP and White Lily (WL) AP flours and my shells always shrank while baking - even after allowing the shells to rest in the freezer for a couple of hours once they were rolled out.  So today I followed Ruhlman's recipe to the letter using the 3:2:1 ratio but also using a mixture of AP and pastry flour.  What a difference the pastry flour makes.  Once baked I noticed that the shell conformed to the...
@panini:  once the dough was made I reviewed many recipes for pasta dough.  Water + eggs (at least more per 100g of flour than 1 egg per 100g).  Hmmm, my dough clocked in at 250g semolina flour mixed with durham wheat (from Bob's Red Mill) and 250g Caputo 00 flour plus 6 eggs and perhaps around 10ml of water.  Methinks more water could have been added to the dough to loosen it a bit.  Just like bread making, pasta dough is a learning curve, especially from someone who's...
 My shoulder aches after all of this kneading!          Next time a splash of vinegar will be used for relaxing the gluten!!!!!
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