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And your recipe is?????????   Recipe please.  What flour(s) are you using??   My speculation is that flours having a higher starch content (and therefore lower protein) may brown more easily.
Perhaps more liquid in the recipe.  Never had any  problems with them nor making the stufe.  Spaetzle makers here.
Awwwwwww  geeze this thread has gone totally haywire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Instant M.P.'s are where it's at!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   -Surfer Joe
+ + + 1 1 1 ^ ^ ^   ZEN and the art of colander usage...........................          
...a slotted spoon or a potato ricer.
Owning either a Stradivarius violin or the most expensive Leica camera and lens won't make you a better musician nor photographer.  Rather it's a question on how to bring out either instrument's best qualities for expression.   Therefore possessing either instrument will give you the potential for excellence.
A metal bench scraper with the "correct" edge is more efficient than a plastic one at scraping particles off of the surface.
 Your method is also how I clean my carbon steel wok.
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