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Accdent!!  MSG!!
I am still awaiting delivery of the vanilla beans from Amadeus.
The Uganda beans from Beanilla are truly plump and fragrant.  They'll be a joy to use.  I mean PLUMP AND FRAGRANT.  You ain't getting none better and I mean it.  IMHO Uganda is a real culinary surprise......for vanilla beans and I'll back them on this one.
Even the Ugandan vanilla beans smell outrageous not even out of the bag broken.  The stuff is outrageous smelling in a fully sealed bag!!!!!
Some everclear mixed with vodka hell I dunno'.  I just throw the beans in the liquor.  It's my first delve into extractives.
@Fablesable I really appreciate hearing this stuff as I just  purchased a huge bunch of Uganda.  We'll see.  *)  I've ordered some from both Amadeus and from Beanilla.  Vanilla smackdown comin' up!!!!!
  How do you know this?????????????????
I have no association with Amadeus.  But will certainly let you know once the Uganda has been received and worked with.
Uuganda Gold.Just purchased some Uganda Vanilla Beans.  Will let you know!!!!!!!!!!
more convinced after hearing your first hand experience. I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!Uguanda gold
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