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 At FoodServiceWarehouse the cost for the Matfer is less than $20.
Matfer box grater 215431 versus Microplane 5100506 (number is embossed into the rubber handle and at the end of the metal rasp).  We're gonna' compare only one function, grating parmesian cheese.   Microplane: effortless in producing a whispy thin shred of cheese, so thin in fact methinks that the cheese's flavor comes thru poorly.  However it's great when you want this thin shred incorporated into a sauce.  Fwiw I've been using this rasp since 2000.   Matfer 215431:...
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I always use a ten inch Sabatier for most tasks along with a six-inch curved and flexible Victorinox boning knife with rosewood handle that's been thinned a bit.  Imho the shape of the rosewood handle fits my hand a thousand times better than the handle made of man-made materials.
Go here and investigate.
@lyne: Go and post your inquiry at thefreshloaf and you'll get great information for your bread baking journey.   For every 500g of dough use approx 1 heaping tsp of SAF Red Instant Yeast.  And when mixing water into the dry ingredients, ensure that the water temperature is 110-115F.
 The handles on the three knives to the right appear to be replacement handles.  I can't state for certain if the leftmost knife handle is a replacement.
My 12 inch Henkels purchased in '76 came with only a single bevel - on the right side of the blade.  It's meant therefore a right handed person and the bevel "shoves" the slice of meat further away from the blade as its being sliced.
 I'm uncertain if those black handles are of ebony.  My Sabatiers purchased from the 1970s thru the 90s all have black handles made of man-made materials.
@Markrmoore2:  send me a pm; and, curing is really easy and takes up to two weeks to complete.  Also, from Alabama, DeRamus meats including bacon.
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