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I never wash/never soap my CS pans.  If need be I simply allow water to soak to relieve the stuck on mess.  I then scrub using a stainless steel scrubber.  Then slight heat on the stove top and apply a very light coat of peanut oil onto the surface.   (EDIT)  And I follow the exact same procedure for cleaning my wok that's made of CS.
 Those flours look great however shipping five pounds of pastry flour to Georgia costs $16 where I get White Lily soft wheat for a couple of bucks a 5 # bag locally.
My dough is made with a combination of corn oil (15%), olive oil (3%), and some cream of tartar (up to .97%).  And my blue steel baking pan is rubbed with some olive oil, too.   Here's a dough calculator for you to use.
I use Paderno World Cuisine blue steel baking molds.  That's Paderno World Cuisine and not just plain Paderno.
 I made an important omission in my first post:  the flour and water mixture (no yeast) was allowed to set in a slightly warm oven overnight; and, at the twelve hour mark, there were a few bubbles at the surface and the mixture smelled like cheese.  I then added some yeast and another twelve hours passed.  At that point I made the observations indicated in my second post.
 Possibly but methinks flipflop's post seems more in line with what I produced.  8)
 Yes, it sounds like it and I did not like the flavour of the final loaf.
 (EDIT)  The mass of bubbles was extremely tall, very frothy, and with bubbles thinner than what I am accustomed to observing.  But really nothing out of the ordinary concerning color.
I make poolish regularly using equal amounts of flour and water along with a scant pinch (1/8 tsp or less) of yeast.  The weight of water and flour each ranges from 100g to 150g.  The ingredients are mixed and the mixture is then placed into the oven overnight with the oven light turned on.   Just recently in making a poolish I forgot to add yeast and twelve hours later, the next morning, the mixture offered a cheesy aroma and the bread turned out cheesy tasting.  ...
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