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I answered my inquiry.  Sorry post deleted.
I love my old Sabatier carbon steeleys.  To make my Forschners and 1976 Henckels perform equally, I thin them using the coarse carborundum on my Norton Tri-Hone and grind using a very shallow angle, 15 degress or less and I couldn't care less if it's either 10, 15 or 17.5 degrees.  As long as it's a shallower angle than stock.  That works well for me.   I finish up using Hall's Black Surgical followed by the Idahone and a cardboard box.    
FWIW that's called an open crumb with a flying crust.  8)
If a banneton is properly filled, then proofing will result in a taller rise, one that is less spread out.  When filled and proofed, the dough should slightly overfill the banneton just like an overfilled bra cup and I'm not trying to be funny.
Well Loves, I just purchased a whole pack of Taza discs.
...Best and as always, PERSIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@theillromanesco:  where is your bakery located as the location may have an influence on the ultimate name????
I've done mostly bare cane and really, both linings are a no brainer.  Bare = use lots of flour, I hear rice flour Lined = use lots of flour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!      
You can get the Idahone in a 12 inch length.
Or checkout Fantes.com.
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