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Voila using warm but not boiling water:   https://www.google.com/search?q=rehydrate+vanilla+beans&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8
Chili Arco Iris (Rainbow Chili)   10 pound butt all cooked and smoked (weighed prior to smoking in the Weber Smokey Mountain Smoker)   All of the following veggies and peppers are coarsley chopped with seeds may/may not be removed.   12 Tomatillos washed and peeled 5 chili Poblanos 9 Jalapenos 7 Habanero or Cubanelle peppers 4 Red Bell Peppers (MANDATORY MANDATORY) 4 Yellow or Orange Bell Peppers 5 White Onions Chicken Stock 5 TBSP cumin Garlic (aka Russian...
...a few drops of water added to the emusion?!?!?!?!?  Just checkout Ruhlman's recipe in his book entitled RATIO.
D@mn, I just got another hobby!  Was the finished saucisson covered with the characteristic mold of the european-made stuff?
Uuuuuhhh, would that be "...Polish..."? Could you please suggest a source for the various recipes for sauerkraut. Best,Terry Kokosenski
You both can send me some of that!  8^)
@panini:   This was mold, very fine (EDIT) cobweb-like hairs extending throughout the batch.  Not crystals attached directly to the stem.
With my method I never have a problem with soggyness using an egg wash on a fully prebaked crust.
 Amadeus' beans got moldy after a week or so.  The vendor offered a credit if I emailed a piccie otherwise he suggested washing them in vodka which is what I did.  A week later they were covered in mold and I was soo ticked off that I disposed of them.  He requested I email another piccie but I didn't; I was too angry. The vendor had problems with mold in that batch of beans previously but knowingly sold them to other customers as well and some complained online.  Being a...
What's going on with the availability of Tahitian Vanilla Beans from Beanilla, their website.  There aren't any yet I can get Tahitian Vanilla Extract.   Do not, I repeat, DO NOT GET VANILLA BEANS FROM AMADEUS.  My reputation speaks for me.
New Posts  All Forums: