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Neither the saltyness nor the cure flavours came thru.
The one on the left side of the photo resembles my medium arkansas stone.
Just an fyi I've been making bacon for over eight years and the bellies I've gotten recently were BOAR TAINTED, made from UNcastrated hogs.   After the two week curing process they still tasted raw and untreated out of the frying pan.  The odor and flavor were "off".   This is just a warning/fyi.   A vendor told me that occasionally bellies from uncastrated hogs make it thru to the vendor.
Somewhere I've seen a wooden-handled Sabatier with a profile similar to yours.  Can you please post a pic of the entire knife from the side, close up.
The mandatory "paypal gift" requirement has been removed, giving the buyer regular paypal protection.  Until now I did not know that using the gift option eliminates any and all guarantees to the buyer. 
Brand new and unused.  Cake and ice cream rings ALL made by MATFER, the best quality imho.  All rings are $9.00 each (nine USD each).   CONUS only.  Buyer pays shipping, handling and optional insurance.     CATALOG NUMBER SIZE QUANTITY AVAILABLE LOWEST ONLINE RETAIL PRICE          371806 8 3/4 x...
I use 1ml beeswax per 500 ml mineral oil and it works fine on my cutting boards.  For furniture waxing (I'm just guessing) I'd probably use a thicker mixture meaning more beeswax per unit of mineral oil.
I, too, would like to hear more about sweating onions. in learning how to braise meats by a chef-instructor formerly with The Ritz in southern California, he, too, used a cartouche with a small hole in the middle during the braise.
I, too, would like to hear more about sweating onions.
Certainly!  8)
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