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Checkout the baking pans from Matfer and Vollrath and pay close attention to their thickness.  IMO the thicker the better.
This page at Fante's.   Or, if you wanna' get really down home, how about a chitarra, also offered at Fantes.  But you'll need to check it's tension occasionally and I haven't any experience with these devices. 8)
Conduct a search in this here forum for Boos.  You are not alone with your complaint concerning poor QC and Boos' customer service.  They seem to have gone down hill and the brand of cutting board to get nowadays would be BoardSmith of NC.  But you may have to stand in line to get yours.  They're really very well made boards.   Here's the thread hosting a complaint like yours: http://www.cheftalk.com/t/79296/john-boos-butcher-block-cracked-no-answer-from-tech-support
  The thrift stores in my area are somewhat lacking in what they offer.  8)
Just ordered what I was looking for!  THANKS!
THANK YOU!    8)
Okay many members here who've read my posts and viewed my photos are aware of my tart crust and bread baking abilities.  Will the above mentioned book elevate me to the next level???  And I already use Ruhlman's RATIO for reference.
I need platters for my tart presentations:  for 10, 9, and 8 inch rounds, and also for 14 X 4 inch rectangular tart mold.  Help PLEASE!!!
I already conducted the same searches as you did and failed to find one similar to yours. Sorry.
Hey, I don't toy.
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