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For whetstones aka oilstones:     http://www.sharpeningsupplies.com/   ...for the Norton Tri Hone that's geared toward butchers and meat cutters   http://www.hallsharpstones.com/    ...for Arkansas finishing stones, surgical stones.
I make my levain using an old but cleaned peanut butter jar with the lid slightly unscrewed.  And I've never had any problems whatsoever with insects.
 Dammit, folks, THAT has to be THE LINE of the decade.   Uncle Ben's ...  pull of the Twinkies.    HAHAHAHAHHAHHAA  
 The same holds true for American style pancakes.
I've always used a standard pan for cooking rice; no rice cooker.  To me the latter is a "set it and forget it" type device.  No disrespect here.
Perhaps the addition of confectioner's sugar to the egg whites would help the meringue hold its shape.
I appears that they are, indeed, moving to a new location still within the Denver area.
...and allowing the dough to warm up a bit would help.
I've found that freezing my pate brisee a couple of weeks followed by defrosting in the fridge overnight, allows for a crack-fee rollout.  And the recipe I use is from Ruhlmans RATIO cookbook.   3:2:1   6oz flour (50:50 AP and pastry flour, I use 60:40   60% pastry: 40% AP for a lighter, flakier dough) 4oz unsalted butter 2oz water (less if more pastry flour is used, more if more AP flour used) pinch of salt and pinch of sugar
The blade I "feel" but don't know positively you could probably flatten on a flat bench stone, like an 11" x 2" bench stone from SharpeningSupplies.com.  But when it comes to plates, I hear that they're hardened, really hardened so that you'd probably need a "machine setup" to flatten it.  For advice you can either contact Sharpening Supplies or Chop Rite now known as Chop Rite Two.
New Posts  All Forums: