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All of my tart doughs are made by hand.
Manually otherwise you'll burn out your mixer.
I say begin with a Patee Brisee, a ratio of 3:2:1 and have at it.
I follow Peterson's recipe in his book entitled BAKING and use heavy cream for that luxiorious mouthfeel.  The infusion of a Uganda Vanilla Bean (from Beanilla) in the heavy cream complements the overall rich and creamy flavour.
 Then your dough was made using "more moisture" and much less fat.  It was bound to bake differently.  But how was the flakeyness?  About the same as with your standard recipe?
I'm only a chiro but will offer you the special introductory fee of $300 hourly.  BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My reply would be:  let me have you taste my chicken stock and tell me what else it needs - if anything!  Seems that these nouveau yuppie "chefs" know nothing about making a stock.
Odd Bodkins...............................
 Although I once lived in Middletown, R.I. next to Newport, I never made a chaudiere.
Well, after a few days of pondering the flavors, here's what I have to state:  the usage of fish sauce widens the depth of the salty flavor giving a more fuller flavor profile (and mouthfeel???).
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