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My old Sabatiers go well with oilstones, especially with my combo soft Arkansas and Hard Surgical Black from Halls Stones.  When it comes to finishing off the edge..................... the Surgical Black, both sides of the edge is first forced against the grain of the stone with the oil rubbed off.  Then both edges are drawn backwards along the surface of the black surgical to even out the wire.  Then if I don't like the edge, I draw the edge thru a vertical standing...
 I think that the importance lies on not so much the brand of flour as it does on the gluten level.
Phlegmatic.  An attorney, BDL is phlegmatic to a tee!
Should you get something made of man-made material, make certain that it's rectangular shaped and not round.  Round limits your baking possibilities.  I get my baking stone for both bread and pizza from Fibrament.
I once mentioned that the knife forum seemed to be an infomercial and that was the last time I saw any of his comments.  I wished I knew half as much as he.
Your recipe for the crust, and filling, please.
What flour(s) were used in making the crust.  Those spots could be flakes of bran but I could be wrong.
 Even with the flours I use for bread that have malted barley added to them, I add approx. 1 heaping tsp per 1  kg flour give or take.  No need for microscopy.And be advised that boutique mills in America like Weisenberger Mills and Rocky Mountain Milling do not add malted barley to their product.
In America malted barley in small amounts is added to flour as an enzyme and not a filler. 
I use Ruhlman's 3:2:1 ratio mentioned in his book Ratio.  And again I bake at 425 F.  Try baking longer, for at least 1 - 1.5 hrs.
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