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Gently deflate your dough.  Don't punch it.  What is your water temperature when adding it to the dry ingredients.  Look, I ain't got all day and so my water temp is around 110-120F for a faster rise and I know all about the advantages of slower fermentation.  And so my dough is DOUBLED IN VOLUME (not radius and not diameter) in about 45-60 minutes.   When the dough has doubled in volume, the radius (or diameter if you wish) has increased to 1.25 times it's original...
  Correct.  And I think that I may sell it.  You interested?
 Thanks for inquiring, Rick, but I have yet to use it and so can't make any comparison at this point.
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Overall, with the proper heat source, is it worth switching from a flat bottom carbon steel  wok to a round bottom cast iron wok???  After a year or so of woking, I seem to be getting some of that "WOK XI" from the sear, a slight smokyness flavor using my typical domestic electrical stovetop.
When baking bread, I place on the bottom rack a stone made by Fibrament and on the top rack a broken rectangular stone from Williams-Sonoma.  Works for me.  GET A RECTANGULAR STONE because it allows you to bake larger items than a round stone.  Upper case added for emphasis and I'm not shouting.  8)
 Thanks soo much!  8)_
The flavor is great and I included the skins along with the boiled potatos in the mix.  Instead of baking at 400F according to the directions, I upped the temperature to 460F to give a crunchier crust and more brownness.  And with 1# of flour (WW and BF), I used 150ml of potato water.
Today's russian potato bread, this time with the skins left on the boiled potatos and baked at 460F instead of 400F.  Enjoy!!!   8)  Recipe from   ​     
My old Sabatiers go well with oilstones, especially with my combo soft Arkansas and Hard Surgical Black from Halls Stones.  When it comes to finishing off the edge..................... the Surgical Black, both sides of the edge is first forced against the grain of the stone with the oil rubbed off.  Then both edges are drawn backwards along the surface of the black surgical to even out the wire.  Then if I don't like the edge, I draw the edge thru a vertical standing...
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