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Paella Valenciana is probably the closest to an "original" recipe as it originated there. If I can remember, the authentic ingredients used at that time were rabbit, chicken, lima beans, and snails along with the saffron and rice. The seafood version, Paella Andulusia, was made with an assortment of seafoood. Originally, paella is cooked on an open fire in a classic paella pan sans cover. Usually cooked by a man -not unlike our american barbeques- showing off to his...
Use aromatics like ginger, garlic, fennel, dill, or lemon and orange slices. place in steamer basket. You can place some on top too. Scallions and chives also good. I like the chinese style too, where after steaming I ladle some very hot peanut oil/soy sauce mixture over the fish along with some chopped cilantro. :lips: I usually do this for snapper or cod, not really salmon which I love crusted and broiled...or sauteed for that matter. :roll:
I love my All Clad set. I hope to get some All Clad saute pans soon. I'm using the commercial quality saute pans I bought from Sam's. It seems to do the trick.
Unfortunately, your stove is limited by it's BTU ratings so it will not get much hotter no matter how you adjust it. My suggesstion would be to use thinner but good quality pans, or even a wok if you are not already. Another idea if you really need the heat is to get a high output propane burner. These single burner units run about $60 at your local sporting goods store. Works great in a pinch.
Aloha my fellow cheffies. Just joined today. I attended CCA in San Francisco, and have been cooking for about 17 years. I'm here to offer my experience and knowledge with you all, and learn from you as well. My specialty is in asian and italian cooking. My interest is in starting a restaurant chain, and in catering.
Congrats on your acceptance to CCA. I'm a '97 grad and must tell you what an awesome school it is. CCA is one of the top 5 culinary schools in the country. Certainly the best on the west coast IMO. I think the difference between CCA and other less expensive schools is the quality of instruction, and the vast amount of resources available to you. Not to mention the networking opportunities that will open doors that are normally shut. To say it doesn't matter what...
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