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Hi Everyone, I'm looking to buy a Vitamix. I looked at,, and Ebay. Any other suggetions where I can get one at a good price? Thanks!:lips:
I happen to like Savoring the Spice Coast of India by Maya Kaimal. This cookbook has recipes from the Kerala region of India. I've cooked plenty of dishes out of the book and they're all pretty tasty. I wanna get her other book someday too!:lips:
Hmmmm...I think I'd either be an artist, like a painter, a drummer, or perhaps a pro cyclist or rower. It'd be fun to do all that and cooking, too! But soon I will be a web designer, who can bring in the food somehow, I hope!!
I'm making Spaghettini with Tripe Stew. I have to simmer the tripe first for about 45 minutes with vinegar and aromatics. Then, I make the stew. In the stew (the recipe looks pretty Italian) there's mirepoix, chili flakes, white beans, tomato, basil, parm, know. No one called me back when I offered to cook it for them. Oh well! [ February 23, 2001: Message edited by: cookM ]
Hey, does anyone have any experience with tripe? I'm having a hard time finding it fresh (if anyone in SF Bay Area, especially the East Bay has any leads, it would be appreciated), but was able to find it frozen at Berkeley Bowl. Now, does anyone know if freezing it will affect the tripe? Is fresh better? Thanks.
Geez, I worked at a "gourmet" type sit down place where the food isn't easy to plate to go, but the host had us do it anyway. Yeah it was a pain cause it messed with my "routine", but the customers were always very pleased. He would even send it out on the china. One day, a customer brought back 10 of our plates. Once, a long-time customer was sick, but was really craving our food. So this host had us plate us a whole dinner and then he got a cab to take the dinner up...
I'm curious what else was in the pasta dish, and about how much of the pollen did they use? I've never heard of this; I'll have to ask some Chez Panisse people if they've used fennel pollen before also.
Re: Big Night Wasn't there supposed to be a companion cookbook? I've always been curious about that egg thingy that they made. BTW, I remember, vividly, the strawberries in 9 1/2 weeks.
No, but I saw the movie!
Yeah, we have a beautiful Meyer lemon tree. Dlee is right about sun and water. Anyway, sorry to hear about your trees Dlee. I think my heart would break if the Meyer lemon tree got taken away. I love it.
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