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Jaleo-Cafe Atlantico and Ceiba for Latin. Marcel's-Palena-Tosca-Galileo-Nectar-Maestro-and restaurant Eve are all good choices for French/Italian, btw Equinox is also pretty good.
Btw Mikey that "attitude" you speak of gets way worst with these guys believe me.
Believe me it was faaaar more than a couple and they were nowhere near externs,some people believe money buys them title I guess.
Bro you really should learn some humility, I can't tell you how many CIA grads I have worked with who couldn't tie their own shoes bottom line you either have it or you don't schools don't make chefs..
Very Van Halen or Vito Bratta , Nuno bettencourt like I would say.
coolj we do not have juniors in the US like OHL, WHL etc. college hockey is the closest to it though. About the beer thing though one only has to attend a concert or ball game to see how beer and rowdy people mix lol.
I would also recomend" becoming a chef" very highly..
Hey fodigger you forgot dealing with the raging alcoholics crackheads and garden variety nutjobs lol.
Jamie's show was pretty rockin but Rocco's was the biggest piece of garbage I have ever seen I would rather watch Rikki Lake lol. Plus our pal Rocco came off as the biggest horses a@@ ever.
I second the opinion.
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