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When they booked how did you sell it? Price points? Stationary verses passed Plate food, fork food or finger food? Time of events?
Hey Kuan, yeah looks like it's been 3 or so years since I have played on cheftalk. Tony Bourdain was in town last weekend and reminded me about the early years
Think of all the time you spend on planning, shopping, prepping, drive time, consulting time, +day of.....I would line item other staff. Do not be afraid to charge significant $.....
chortle, such a romantic
thanks for clarifying Chowderboy, for several of us do not and have not had the opportunity to live/cook in the eastern USA.....some of us in the south and Midwest use roux as a base....lazy is a harsh term to throw around.  I hope you enjoy Cheftalk. As a new member please note that these threads were started by a strong community of professional chefs as well as home cooks, who show each other respect.
good to check with a mycologist or a mycological society in your area...... You can eat any mushroom once..... or "there are old mushroom hunters, bold mushroom hunters but no old, bold mushroom hunters" shroomgirl
bone marrow, pickled eggs, pickled pork trotters, offal.....Korean themed snacks...charcuterie platters have come back in full force, gosh there have been considerable changes in 13 years...
cold water the sooner the better, silvadine for severe burns....aloe is amazing
I'd start with independent insurance should not be expensive.
therestppl   Welcome to Cheftalk I noticed this is your first post.....for a first post it's looking very spammy.   Great thread so I'll keep it up.    
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