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wow leeniek, that seems so extreme.
crazy.   lost my long winded post. First off, offsite catering is much different than doing an on site event.  You are schlepping food, props, staff, etc.  It's more expensive than eating on site.   You were giving away the house with your initial cost.....feel fortunate that they opted for a much more modest event. Depending on the profile of the MOB/bridal couple, you could do cheeses and desserts for $14pp
$10....40-50 people     (hoping this isn't during dinnertime)   1 red meat 2 veg (one with cheese) 1chix or seafood   Red meat....beef wellingtons have an ooooo ahhhh with the name, it's essentially puff sheets wrapped around searred beef with perhaps a tad of mushrooms, if you have puff on hand this is uber cheap.  You don't need much beef   Empanada...beef/pork mix...spice it up any number of ways   Proscuitto wrapped fruit or veg     Chix...
We are a new catering company and have just been hired to cater a small surprise birthday party at a bar. The theme is 49er tailgate. There will be no kitchen or private prep area available for us to use. In fact, the only sink we will have available to us is in the bathroom. We haven't been in business long enough to purchase a catering van yet. The party venue is upstairs, bar is downstairs.    Bring water in large cambros or coolers.  6-8" tables. You don't tell...
I'd like that.....
what waste?...meat butter is awesome on veg.   I was part of a Chef 2Student fundraiser last fall and a couple of the chefs took bricks of grassfed sirloin, searred them and then dropped them into the butter/water bath.....our service time changed repeatedly....so they hung out in approx 110* butter for a couple of hours (+/-)   Put back on the burner, back in the butter.....rested sliced.....BEST beef I've had in a long time.  Did I say grassfed no...
Gorgeous! don't think I had seen the pix of shrooms.
Hey Craig,  You'd probably get more responses if you posted in the professional cooking section....and also the generic section.  In the past there have been commercial guys who could answer your question. Welcome to Cheftalk. 
easier to have sides room temp/cool.....so much easier.   A grain salad would work too. Ditto fresh veg.   Depends on the $$$$ they are spending.
Great advice~
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