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with passed you can control the timing.....1 hour is a short time.   5 different ones passed is cool for an hour.   fun presentations of low cost Smoked trout on apple slices with dillweed aioli Asparagus wrapped in proscuitto Wild shroom duxelle stuffed mushrooms (warm) pinwheels (roomtemp) Mini Biskets with country ham & apricot conserve Coconut chix   All cold or room temp.... decorations on trays matter a lot
depends on the bite.....$2 is a budget bite. what were you considering?
well, read the thread...and if you have a pertinent question or answer, post a reply
I'd have GF & Vegan so you've only got regular and then optional dish.   Make sure if your optional entree is on the buffet you bring extra ( in my experience a lot extra) for meateaters will go for the vegan/GF option too.....   Eggplant parm (without breading or with GF panko) Veg stack   Really love JTC's quinoa idea, and stuffed zucchini too....   Welcome newbies!
so what form would you sell it?  what's your projected price? what would we need to do with it? how would you get it to us....suppliers?
interesting......I remember seeing sandwich or cookie/snack sales in commercial offices. 
I've written recipes for national publications.....they published in a magazine, their cookbook and published them on line.  I got paid for each thing they used the recipe.... Payment was ingredients + a set amount per recipe, (for each publication).  After 6 months the recipes were still my property and I could resell to another publication.   Chibutcher, you've not given us enough info to give you more accurate $$$ advice.
line item or package plan.....guess it depends on how much they are.
welcome Meryl.....cheftalk has a wealth of info.
turismo, You're in NYC, it's winter. So, profile your client (& guests).  Always good to have enough for vegheads to eat.   Depends on equipment, type of service (drop off, full service, plated, buffet, etc)   $8-12 is a nominal gougere tapenade   green leafy salad stew/braise/soup.....ministroni, chicken mirabelle, chicken and dumplings, etc..... rolls   flan or panna cotta or ?
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