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funny I always thought of the majic blue bag as something to help us (staff) out.....never considered carrying around a kit for guests needs.   Genius!
Newbies look to the archives for a wealth of info on private and personal chefs.  you can plug in shroomgirl and go back to 2000......lots of still pertinent info.
aw yes there is gold in cheftalk searches, my  majic blue bag included everything from toothpicks, lighters, salt, evo, gloves, pins, pens, tapes.....lots of different tapes, labels, whisk, extra teaspoons, quarters for parking, extra phone battery, breathmints, parchments, usually thyme, dillweed, orange & lemon oils....pepper mill etc....   it's a contractor's bag with lots of pockets.
thanks for sharing your menu again this year Ross......looks great
consider just doing desserts.......
"if you'd like to book me, please send an estimated 50% non-refundable payment.  At this time I'm available but book on when deposit is received. Balance is due the day of your event"   Larger events typically 14 days prior for balance. 
have they given you a deposit?    Do you have their credit card info?   I say bill um......cruel, thoughtless, maybe....but you don't have a long time relationship with them.  They offered to pay, bill um.
or a tortellini pesto at room temp.
Handheld pimped out sweets......   for example rice crispy treats with chocolate and sprinkles or nuts or jimmies or white chocolate or an indecent upcharge.  you are out nominal amount.....   bottled drinks you can return if not sold   I'm leaning on Buba's answer.....he's been around the block a bunch, but as you are a startup and want experience, this is a good opportunity.  Just play it smart so it's advantageous for you.
I'm assuming families but heavy on there a place for them to sit and eat? I'm also assuming you don't have a restaurant or catering business to use leftover food......correct me if I'm wrong.... So, it's OK to run out of one thing.....if you can freeze leftover unused food that's a bonus.   Western you have an apple cake or apple butter bar or you get the point.....covers breakfast and dessert....stays moist & bonus made on a sheet pan...
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