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Hello all, Long time no busy! I need software solutions! What kind of software do the Executive Chefs or kitchen managers use for your for inventory, pricing, food costs, recieving, time cards.........everything??? Could you please tell me what you use? Price, why you like it or what you would like to have, pros and cons? Any and all help is greatly appreciated, thanks!
I ordered those same shoes from another company and before they shipped them out they actually called me and convinced me to not buy that particular brand!!! They said they are having huge problems with them, something like a 90% return rate! They said they just fall apart, quick. I have a pair of Kingston Mcnight clogs that I love and a pair of Birks that are great too, I tried Dansko but they just will not fit me, I think a lot of people have that problem and they...
Thanks.It would just seem hard to do, just wanted to ask the real pros out there if they had every done anything like this.
Anyone have any suggestions for using morels in a dessert? I am thinking of a French cheese tart, individual portions in a rustic morel laden tart shell with balsamic syrup and some kind of fresh fruit. As you can see I need help, it may not work, anyone try using mushrooms in a dessert?
[. In the choc. cups for the handles, I meant are you piping them out then glueing them on with some choc.? I know you can't dip and retain a handle. I was wondering if your instructor had any technique to finish the bottom/back side of a piped out handle (which is flat from sitting on the paper) so the handle looks finished from front and back views? Hey Chef When I was in Denmark, I learned how to make some pretty slick cups and handles. Chef Sorensen(who is going to...
Could some of the pastry chefs give me some ideas on not so common tools that you use for creating desserts? What is it, how do you use it, where did you get it? I use a syringe(not my idea)to inject chocolate covered strawberries with Grand Marnier, works great and people love them.
Anyone know where to find transfer sheets for tempered chocolate?, and possibly do your own design?
Kyle you have a great website going....looks really nice and informative, I also enjoy the "play by play". Ms. Piggy is going strong, on Tuesdays, after the weekend nap she is very hungry, she starts out at about the 1/4 mark of a 5 gallon bucket and in a couple of hours is approaching the top. Isn't is great to make real bread??? you know how to make dill bread???
Kyle, I agree...that was good! How are the boys?
Do you commonly make dishes you wouldn't eat yourself We had a family come in the other night, they brought micro-wave mac&cheese and asked us to "prepare" it for the kids, so yes I do.
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