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Tabouleh with tomatoes, garlic and onion, oilive oil, lemon juice and a grain like bulgur. the main ingredient is parsley. Throw some mint in there too! And sumac if you've got it. 
I got my 61 edition for 10 bucks too at a used book sale. I love looking through it :smoking:
I second that. It's helped me with my cheese plates and shopping... I haven't checked out the one you got for your birthday, but it sounds great.
Thank you so much!!
Thanks. I'll check that out. We've been to Paris before and we were expecting this "notirously rude" behavior, but it was rare. My husband speaks french so it's a little easier. When I say "nice" I mean a lot of money. If you are rude or expect english, you are going to get something similar in return.
We rented an apartment in Montmartre for a few weeks and we want to go out once or twice to a fine restaurant. I'm talking cheese carts and the whole caboodle. Any suggestions and good experiences to share?
Sucks! What a crappy situation. I hope things work out for you soon..
Yeah I breathed macaroons for awhile as well. You said you are using a new oven? That should be the problem... I would lower my oven to about 250-300 and then put them in with door open, but closed enough so the fan would still blow. I would rotate them about 3 times to get them even. I think you just have to get used to it. I used to let them sit out for 2 hours, but I read some tips online and got away with about 45 minutes. Just enough to get the tops dry but not...
Wow I can't believe I haven't followed up on this! Just for the record, I went to several sessions of acupuncture, and I would recommend it for anyone. It really worked wonders. It's been awhile now, and it's 100% better. Thanks for the recommendations!
Thank you very much!
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