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Yup There are 8 of 'em. Never heard of ras el hanout, but saw it on Top Chef. I love the stuf! Kyle PS I think the rib is my favorite part...
Monster rack of pork chops, dry rubbed in ras el hanout, refrigerated for 2 days w/Mango chutney and freshly baked rye. Very tasty         
The Curious Cook by Harold McGee or CookWise by Shirley O. Corriher. Both are excellent bokks on food science. Kyle
I'd love to see the video. Got a link? And IMHO, "no knead ciabatta" is redundant 😊 Kyle
Here's what my ciabatta looks like. This first pic is the finished mix.     
The essential element to ciabatta with a very open crumb is hydration. My ciabatta dough is almost more of a batter. You shouldn't be able to knead or hold the dough as you would a regular dough. I have some pics and if I can find them I will post. Kyle
The answer to your questions is likely trial and error. I have createdd two recipes from scratch, one for a Wonder Bread like whole whet bread and the other for a chocolate chip cookie. In both cases I knew what I wanted the end result to be in terms of taste and texture. It took many combinations of ingredients to get to exactly the result I wanted. Kyle
I am a home cook. I am certain that the seizure a health inspector would suffer watching me cook would prove fatal. That said In 35 years of cooking I have made neither myself nor anyone for whm I have cooked sick. With that disclaimer...I have a 3 year old 24"x18"x2.25" end grain walnut reversable Boos cutting board. It is magnificent, if not entirely sanitary. It is my primary work surface for all my cooking and baking. I do not do a lot of butchering, and on those...
The main difference between instant (rapid rise) and active dry yeast is the improved production process. The improved process yields a yeast with 25% more live yeast. This allows you to use 25% less instant yeast in recipes that call for active dry yeast, as Jock mentioned. The higher percentage of live yeast cells also eliminates the need to proof the yeast in water + sugar before using it. No harm will be done if you do proof it, but it's not necessary. Another...
I recently replaced a 14 year old Kenwood Major Chef with a Kitchen Aid 7QT Pro Line Mixer, $539 at Amazon at the time. There was nothing wrong with the Kenwood, but I was bored and wanted a new toy, not $2,600 Hobart N50 bored though. It came through the holiday baking season witj flying colors. Double and triple batches of cookie dough and double batches of yeasted bread dough presented no problem. All metal gears and a 1.3 HP motor make this a pretty stout mixer. It's...
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