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When you start to get some caramelization on the veg and the onions are transparent. Of course it is depending on what kind of a sauce you are making. If you are making a clear stock you don't want to brown the vegetables. Some chefs, like Paul Prudhomme, will tell you that vegetables will impart a different flavor profile at different stages of cooking, so he adds them at different times while building the sauce. Break a Spoon!
Salmon's running! Wild sockeye with Mango Salsa and Saffron CousCous, Baby Greens with Smoked Portobello and Avocado. Sockeye's not my favorite, but anything wild is better than farm raised. And it's on sale for $9.95 lb.!
That is why I still use the old school spring-type dial thermometer. I buy them for our cooks as well because they seem to stay around the kitchen a lot longer. The digital ones look good on their kitchen counter at home I guess.
Green Onions Usually Don't Asphyxiate SCANT
shroom- You may want to add to your outline in labeling section- Expiration / Use by dates / Julian date codes. Good luck. Looks like the proverbial can of worms- or sous vide worms maybe?
Looks good Jim. Thanks for sharing.
[QUOTE=Next you will need a place to clean your pans etc that is approved for cleaning, double sinks, hot water above a certain temperture. For the life of me I can't remember. [/QUOTE] In Florida the third sink for pot washing needs to be 171F. Or you can use chemical sanitation.
I washed dishes for years. That is how I got in this business. I never set out to be a chef. The first place I washed dishes I had to do them by hand. The dish "machine" they had only sprayed hot water on the already clean dishes to sanitize them. I had to wash the dishes in two bus tubs, one soapy water, one rinse. I cannot count how many places I worked washing dishes. Now I can step into the dish room and keep up with the best of them. And believe me, the folks who...
Instead of doing the chafer routine, can you do a carving station for just the tenderloin? That would be a lot more special and practical as well. Not to mention the fact that Grandpa would have his "Grandson (or grand daughter?) the Chef" on stage to show off to his friends.
Whatever the number, it is still too many!
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