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Good for you txacoli for going the extra mile to find out the facts calling bull**** when you knew what was going on. naming names helps too! perhaps filing an official complaint with the BBB is in order since your supplier was knowingly selling false-ly label goods and trying to conseal the truth. BTW: and this in no attack on you or anyone else, but i always wonder why restaurants insist on listing items that are not in season. i think most patrons would appreciate...
my first suggestion would be shallots, leeks and touch of garlic. i would also consider crabmeat or mushroom risotto, but would only use enough to give a hint of flavor instead of deep saturated flavor. as you know, halibut isn't a very strong flavored fish and you don't want to overwhelm it's flavor.
thanks for the reccomendations. the pakastani route is also a good one. basically that's what i'm looking into, north india/pakastan. so much to learn and try. there's lot's of good info on the posted sites and i'll definitely be hunting down those books to take a peek.
i'm in the market for a cookbook on Indian food that covers the basics, tikka masala, curries, kormas, bhujia, etc. hopefully the book will not only list recipes, but explain the process, reasoning of the steps, reccomends alternate ingredients if authenic ingredients are not on hand. i'm looking to prepare these dishes in my apt. kitchen, no tandori oven or high temp wood fires. any suggestion?
THAT'S INCREDIBLE! :lol: i'm sitting here watching the sunday morning news shows and i come across this. thanks for the comic relief. next time i'm asked to "bring something interesting" for a food related event, this is on the top of my list.
Chrose, et al Happy Thanksgiving to all of you and your families! after having my family go through Katrina this year, i realize i have lots to be thankful for. actually, we all have things to be thankful for in our lives if we allow ourselves to step back and see them. now, if i can get my persimmon cake to come out right i'll be off to a good start for the year's end cooking marathon :smiles:
Dano1, thanks for the additional info!
thanks for digging up that thread. very useful info and encouraging. i guess i have to go out this weekend and catch some dungeness crab :)
I'm making a dungeness crab risotto as part of thanksgiving dinner. i plan on makng the dish as close to serving time as possible but with 6 people contributing to the meal i'm concerned that if the timing gets off and the risotto is done early it will turn to paste before it is served. is there any way to either keep the risotto creamy until it's time to be served or retard the cooking so that it can be finished off at the last minute. i can't imagine that at a...
i spent a week in Kona, HI a few years ago. each morning i would walk out to the main road where there was a fellow selling fresh brewed Kona coffee from a little cart. i can still recall how awesome it was and thinking to myself " so this is what all the fuss is about!" i also remember trying some poi and saying, "this tastes like paste!"
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