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how does the new edition compare to the last edition? i've heard that there is quite a bit of new information in the newest edition, but have been putting off purchasing a copy. should i add it to my xmas wish list? pierre
" When else would you want a serrated knife? " when you neighbor keeps coming onto your property and riding his mower over part of your yard. the bigger the serrations the better!!! Deltadoc knows what i'm talking about. sorry for going off topic here, just couldn't resist.
dinner tonight: the meat of one dungeness crab (which had previously been boiled in Louisiana style boiling liquid) in a buttery garlicly cream sauce with a dash of smokey paprika thrown in at the last minute, served over a plate of whole wheat pasta. a glass of homemade lemongrass iced tea to drink and finished off the meal with a single champange chocolate truffle. it really was just a "throw together whatever is on hand" meal. pierre
Mikefly, you do have cause to be concerned, but i don't think it's hopeless. people still appreciate good customer service and personal attention, both of which you cannot get at Star****s. if this helps, on my walk to work, i pass by 3 Starbucks, 2 Tulleys, an oh-la-la, and a Peet's to get my coffee from the little independant cafe that 2 blocks past my office. it's better coffee and i like supporting the small cafe culture that doesn't exist with the large...
Hi there and welcome. it's good to see NOLA so well represented here. i grew up in metairie so i know your language. :-) i checked out your blog site and liked the photos of Sal's. when i was a kid, our family would pile into dad's pick-up, Mom in the front and the 3 kids in the back, and go to Sals . my favorites were chocolate and bubblegum. Last July in was down there and stopped by Plum St. Snowballs on Carrolton, perfect on a hot July day. anyway, looking...
THE MELTING POT! I like the idea of all soups and stews. go for it!
CC, what a great market. i have fond memories of that market from when i lived in nyc. i used to live right down the street and would visit it on most saturdays. your post brings back alot of good memories. now i'm in San Francisco, and out local farmers market leaves nothing to be desired. it's got everything. and all organic. everything from asparagus to zuchinni, and much like the union square market, it is high season at the market. i agree, now is the time to...
from a competition point of view, the idea is to WIN! pointing out the weaknesses of his oposition was a brilliant. if he had gotten busted it would have come back to bite him in the *****. from a team player point of view, he always worked well with the team he was cooking with and was willing to help the others in addition to tending his own station.
i too was surprised the way it ended, with the apprentiseship. so what happened to the restaurant that the winner was going to win? that part was a let down because it think it wasn't as adhoc as it seemed. i'm guessing that FOX never intended on giving a restaurant to anyone. plus, now Gordon has another talented chef in his charge to help continue his reputation as a great chef. Hire great talent and let them make you look good. I just hope we hear more from the...
my ex used to make chocolate truffles with a tiny pinch of ceyenne pepper mixed in. those were OUTSTANDING! nowdays, my favorites are truffles from Teuscher and chocolates from Recchiuti here in the bay area.
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