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gbhunter, i've got a good use for those little pieces. what i do is make a simple fish soup. here's the idea: + saute some fresh summer veggies until tender (zucchini, squash, carrots, anything you like) and garlic, ginger, onions, etc. + s&p + add water or chicken stock (if you have the fish caucases you can make a fish stock) + once boiling drop the fish into the soup, turn off heat and let the fish cook through it's really simple and very tasty. infact,...
drive rebar rods into your lawn, so that they stand just below the height of your grass. see how he likes having his mower torn up for being on the wrong side of the fence.
great suggestion. my profile is up to date with all the info i wish to share. how do you go about creating a custom and personal avatar?
easy enough: He11's Kitchen. i think it's funny that HK come on right The Nanny, where a woman is hired to take control of a bunch of poorly behaved, over stimualted and in some cases just plain rotten children who constantly run around screaming and yellin at other. :eek: i think the nanny needs to visit HK! but, i'll be there monday night for the 2-hour series finally!!! Go Michael ! next one: named for the book, the maladies of the human body are...
oh yeah! sitting at a street side table having a capaccino and their house specialty, the sacripantina, at Stella's! i used to go their with my ex-gf, those were some of the best of times.
i agree, don't bother eating at fisherman's wharf. it's pretty much a touristy place with ok food. if you must eat down there, go to Scoma's (it's as orginal as it get down there). or there's a Hooter's across the street. if you want ocean view dining, i'd reccomend the The Beach Chalet, for lunch. it overlooks the pacific at Ocean Beach. i say go for lunch because if you go for dinner there's a good chance the fog will roll in and you won't be able to see the beach...
Mark, you are in for a world of good eating. like shroomg said, the Saturday Farmer's Market is a must-not-miss event. i believe it opens at 8am and has lots to offer, especially in the middle of summer when you'll be here. some of my favorites there are Miette for cakes and pastries, Boulette Larder for unusual ingredients, Rhyucchi Chocolates for morsels of goodness, the smoked salmon guy has a good product, Amce breads has a vast variety of breads, and the honey...
Rblum, let's not forget, the band credited for the beginning of EMO was Fugazi, which was formed by Mike from Minor Threat (if ever there was punk with guts, it was minor threat). however for me emo goes back further than that. i'm thinking the cure, yaz, the the, joy division, etc. it's kinda funny how musical genres get re-intorduced as the next big thing and noeone ever thinks about it's influences.
hi all, i just got back from a week down in New Orleans visiting family and friends. while i was there i stopped in at Central Grocery, an old authentic italian grocery store in the french quarter, for a Muffuletta sandwich. while i was there i took the opportunity to browse the isles just to look around. i came across a bottle of Avacado Oil in the oil section. i'd never heard of avacado oil before. anyone ever use it; and how?
Hey Chef Rook, welcome to the site. i grew up in Metairie, but now i'm on the west coast. i'll be heading down to NOLA next week to hand with the family. i will also make sure to stop off at Jacob's for some andouille and tasso. lessiez le bon temps roulette!
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