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:suprise: I will try this recipe too. Thanks so much.
Arial black :crazy: I appreciate all your help. Making benedick eggs tomorrow, and will try out the new technique. :smiles: Thanks so much.
:roll: Thanks guys for the input. I was using a non-stick skillet, and guess it wasn't deep enough. I will try using a deeper pot as you advised. Thanks so much for the help.
:look: I love to make eggs benedict. But when I poach my eggs in water with vinegar, they stick to the bottom of the pan every time. What am I doing wrong? I use a non-stick frying pan.
Thank you both Suzanne and Pete for the helpful advise. I am going with fresh strawberries, and just glaze them as Pete suggested. I like the fresh idea, and it makes sense not to lose flavor and freshness by heating the strawberries; s :p o, I'm going with that. I so much appreciated the information and suggestions...thank you! Pj
Pete, Thank you for this information. Sounds wonderful. But I though I had to boil the strawberries with sugar until the sugar dissolved or something, then add cornstarch? Can you help me out on this. I don' want the sauce runny. Thank you
Dear Friends, I was asked to bring cheesecake to a cookout for tomorrow night. I have baked 4 cheescakes, and they turned out wonderful. But my problem is I want to serve sauce along with the Cheesecakes, like Blueberry, and Cherry. But I really would like to make a strawberry sauce from scratch. Doesn't anyone have a delicious and simiple recipe to share with me. I know this would just please so many people to have this kind of varity:confused: ty. Please Help!
I have made three cheesecakes for a party for tomorrow night. I have used the canned "Thank You Brand" cherries, and the blueberry saucesin the past, and they are okay. But I would like to make a delicious strawberry sauce from scratch Does anyone have a wonderful sauce recipe, using fresh strawberries, and maybe bourbon added. :confused:
Would like new ideas on meat sauces, and good recipes?:p
I am looking for a good reduction sauce for steaks, something that doesn't take all day to make. :lips:
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