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To tell from the Nutrition Facts, Look at the serving for 100g, or roughly 100 ml (not so accurate), if it's 35g fat (total) then it's about 35% fat...
Sigh, :( I was hoping to explore different kinds of nut butters coz i've tasted quite a list already, except for walnuts and pecans.. Tot of using the pestle and mortar too :P ... but....guess i gotta abandon that idea too..hahaha... Anyway, dun think i'd wanna use a coffee burr grinder...tht'll be quite a mess to clean up... :D... Thx guys
don't forget lemons, yogurt, dill, mint and garlic...:) oh yeah..and honey..
Hey guys, For the 1st time i tried processing pecans till they become a nut spread... but, i didn't want to add extra oil because i wanted it to be 100% pecans.. It didn't turn out very creamy like the bottled ones, and was like..lacking oils.. Now, i used raw pecans.. I processed em for like 10 minutes on and off.....till it can't go finer... Anyway, does roasting them lightly actually gets the oils out and results in a creamier butter, or, it's my food...
perhaps u could add some black pepper to ur apple pie along with the spice mix, like cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, cardommom...etc... I think i could add some 'kick' .. :) just a suggestion
Thx april I have tried "googling" it, and almost all the site i've encountered speaks of making kefir with a culture/ mother or grains... I haven't came across one with using bottled one already... Anyway, i'm giving it a go right now, and hopefully by 12+ hrs later i see something :D
Hi, I've just tasted kefir for the 1st time, and it's rather hard and expensive to get in the place i live in, and i can't find kefir grains... Is it possible to use part of the purchased kefir to culture plain milk to kefir? If so, can someone point me to some instructions. :D thx
Tom Yum, i think uses the leave, Thai Fish cutlets too is good.. Thai Laksa (noodle soup)
-DURIANS! -Marmite -Dense German rye breads -Indonesian Coffees -all kinds of oats -grilled salmon -raw fish -prosciuttos and jamons -comte cheese -all kinds of good quality tea ;)
Gee, thx for the enlightening. Didn't know about the whale though! haha... Sounds pretty cool... Btw, i asked an african food shop owner in my local marketplace about using white meat like chicken for biltong...And he said it's possible if the environment is very dry. However, he said he thinks it's not so widespread because poultry are more proned to salmonella that true? compared to red meats like beef?
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