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I believe you're a Chef when you deserve to be called a Chef.
Yes, I agree with you there. What I was trying to state was the fact that Chef Craig is one of the more well known Chef's of Halifax, but this isn't due to his popularity, this is due to his excellent cooking abilities. ;)
Yeah, I think that's a direct violation of the Occupational Health and Safety Act. If you don't feel safe where you work, then you have the option to tell your Head Chef of this matter. If he does nothing about this (which would be extremely unethical) then inform the Head Chef you'll be calling OHS and telling them about this. They won't want that, I'm sure.
There's going to people such as him wherever you go, my friend. It's called pressure and you must learn how to deal with it or you're going to be extremely unsuccessful as a Chef. Also, if you don't think cooking is for you, then explore the other jobs in this world. There's millions of them. I hope you make the right choice, mate. I wish you the best of luck. :)
Hello. I'm joining these forums for the first time, so I'd thought I'd start off with an introduction thread. I'm a seventeen year old (almost 18, mind you) student who has been wanting to become a Chef ever since the age of around eight or nine, through my grandmother and my mother, who always had me in the kitchen cooking. Ever since then I've had burning desire to become a Chef. I grew up as a kid watching the Food Network and various other cooking shows. From...
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