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If you put a lid on it, none.    Water will condense on the lid and drop back in.   You should only be simmering not boiling.   
Depends on your budget simple roll by wusthof is okay. I have th ultimate edge sold on amazon. Only bag that fits Chinese cleavers and 300mm slicers that I know of. Video review from a working chef here
 Servesafe manager cert and business insurance
1) I used a victorinox for many years.  It's okay but the price has been creeping up.  For a couple $ more you can get Tojiro DP.  There is a small learning curve on use and maintenance of japanese steel but you will be better for it.   2) learn to sharpen-   3) Benriner mandolin because you can take the blade off for sharpening.  I never use the julienne blades, just the planking one...
softshell crab season how can I resist?     Krabby Patties -  corn starch dredge -> deep fry,  miso butter toasted martin's potato buns, sweet sour slaw  
Yeah torches aren't too expensive.  This kind here is self lighting:   Go to the hardware store and get the yellow benzomatic cans.   It's a good item to have anyway.  With propane gas it is good for bruleeing, starting charcoal, etc.     It is a different type of flux than used on copper, but you can solder...
@bchapp   Epoxy typically unbonds with moisture and heat.   I use this epoxy on knife handle making specifically because it is used for boating applications so I know it is okay with some moisture.  It could work for you
IMO it is an old wives tale that fish can't stand up to strong flavors.  I'm from boring new england where people only know how to use salt pepper and butter.   Put anything you want on your fish.  Look at some asian cultures that value supremely fresh fish (many fish markets sell fish from the tank, kill and fillet at order time), they are not afraid of strong flavors.  Especially on a firm fish like swordfish or mahi.   Just don't use too many conflicting...
This is like asking how to pronounce emu.  There are at least 5 ways.  The important thing is everyone knows what you're talking about.
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