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hmm I would eat a fish donut
I've never done it. Just be mindful of what you're cutting. I.e. don't start off with a case of onions or citrus. Trim as much meat as you can get your hands on. If you do force it, there are different ways- blood, vinegar, mustard, potato, plantains and many others. Again, never done it, never needed to. While you are building your patina (and after) you should keep your knife clean and dry. Not every cut, but maybe every 2 onions depending on how fast you are....
@BurgerDude  I will give you some hints   1) Your batter falling off -  Pat your fish dry, then dredge, let it sit in this state in the fridge for 30 min before you batter. 2) The gluten problem - a shot of vodka will keep your batter from seizing up.  alcohol stops the gluten formation 3) it was already mentioned - corn starch in the batter.   I recommend looking up a korean fried chicken recipe for details...
@Brulo NO Dont use any cooking oils. They will go rancid. Mineral oil. Go to a pharmacy, it is cheap.
I see salt in the ingredients. I believe it is cured then cold smoked. You can eat cured salmon, no heat required.
...what does that prove? I sand my damascus clad knives to restore the looks. What is your point? Cladding is cladding... direct from the manufacturer's marketing...
I use a tojiro bread knife for bbq brisket
Chinese cleaver, heavy cleaver, boning knife, bread knife
That's the key isn't it?  I wouldn't let any 'pro' sharpeners in my area touch my knives because they are all hacks.  Just learn to sharpen your own.  In the time you take to pack a knife for shipping and go to the post office, I can sharpen 3-4 knives probably.
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