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If you are very french, the kids can have a little wine
This is the farm if you cant make saturdays http://mycoterrafarm.comThe market is indoors at a garden center in Wayland, off 95 west of the city near waltham. Its a big space, 2 floors! Saturdays 10-2. The best thing is finding salad greens in the winter.http://www.russellsgardencenter.com/html/winterFarmersMarket.html
Oh no! My first JNAT.  I hear it is a slippery slope from here into the abyss    Okudono Suita Koppa, 136x76x29mm, Med-Hard     I won't have time to play with it until sunday but as I understand it is a splash and go medium hard,  fine grit stone.  I intend to use it as a finisher.  Next I'll get a medium grit stone and go all natural, just not sure which one yet
That IS a lot of saffron!   This is how I feel when i see asian recipes for one or two servings calling for 1/2 cup of soy sauce.  Do people understand how much salt that is?  
Dunno. My forgecrafts were never thin out of the box. But the great thing about monosteel carbon- sharpens real fast. Thinned it on a coarse stone in less than half an hour. Even faster wih power tools but i dodnt have those back then Forgecraft, Dexter, case, XXL, lamson and goodnow are the ones i know of
That's why I like american vintage carbon steel- mostly bolster and fingerguard free   Of course the days of rehandling and restoring forgecrafts off ebay for $30 ended 2 years ago.  They go for $100+ now!
I don't think you should use a coarse stone at all until you know what you're doing   This should do what you need https://www.japaneseknifeimports.com/collections/stone-sets-and-combo-stones/products/1000-3000-combo-stone
I've been meaning to get to the winter farmers market to get my mushrooms from the mushroom guy.  He has lions mane mushrooms on the regular. They kind of taste like lobster which is awesome.   Last couple weekends I was hit by snowstorms or I would have done it already.  
Whoever smelt it dealt it or so they say  
I know some people equate hardness to quality, but there is some sweet spot for beginners and I think it is on the lower on HRC scale.  In other words, it doesn't matter how long it holds an edge if they chip it..
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