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I agree with the above 100%, Im not sure what you school(assuming you went to some kind of culinary school) told you about working it kitchens, Its demanding, hot, stressful.  Tempers can flair and remember the Chef is ALWAYS right.  If you graduated from culinary school about i belive is somewhere around 75% of all culinary school graduates done work in the restaurant/hospitatlity field 5 years after graduation.  Its not cut out for everyone, Its gut check time, leave...
Iv made it with 2 parts creme fraice 1 part egg yolk and make just like a normal holandaise or bernaise.   After its made you can cool it down in a refrigerater to use later and almost heat to order if your cooks are semi decent.  Iv used this for partys and its better than the canned crap but doest break as easy as regular bernaise.  Good luck.
What does everyone where for interview for chefs positions?  Just wondering, i alway felt awkward in shirt and tie but almost to causal in khakis and a polo. 
Your young, Go somwhere else for you intership, Most resorts wont stick you in 1 restaurant for your entire intership, I was rotated throught the 3 restauratns on the resort i went to and stayed at the last one for about 2 months.  Plus if the resort is well know you have the on your resume,  Once your out of school probally no one will have heard of the restaurant  your at know. 
Early Is ontime, ontime is late, and late is never acceptable, Well almost never accptable.....  I think your starting your day on the wrong foot, I understand your sleep schedule has been fliped but thats no excuse, a few weeks on the job you should be getting used to it unless they are bringing you in all differnet kind of hours. Im training somone right now that has no experence and was my dishwasher, He has always been on time and gives me respect, I have a more...
Almost any japanese knife will be better that german stuff.  Tojiro is a great place to start, the only thing i dont like about them is that they are clad and can have a weird feel to it.  The other recomodation would be go with a 240 gyuto.  Check out the knife section here you will probally get more responses from it. 
If its all beef i would definitly do a carpacio or raw type course, for me some kind of braised short ribs would be a must for me. I would think an all beef tasting would be verying heavy, But thats just me.
What cut do you use for roast beef?   I use clod hearts, Bottom rounds, Top Rounds, Never been satisfied with any of them.   Just wonder what everyone uses?
  The Restaurnat is in a reirement home with independent living, i like the idea but i know lamb isnt one of ther favorites, I might give it a whirl anyways though.  Thanks Adam  
I like the idea of the french roast turkey, I think im going to swich up the way we do it, ie pork bbq styel, and pork with a raspberry sauce or somthing.  and same with the hams, we normally carve bonless stuff so ill try different things, thanks for the ideas.    
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