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How Very true! :chef: :chef: :lips:
I doubt some will post a good Marinara sauce recipe for you to use. You won't get mine. I will offer some pointers: Use Good tomatoes peeled whole romas or San Marzano (From Italy) Use Fresh Herbs Cook gently but not all friggin Day
Have some trash bags ready to put on your feet when the drain backs up the next time and wade through all the cr** until you find other employment! As for the heat, good flippin luck all kitchen are super hot in the summer. Your in a good way if it maintains 80 - 90 degrees. I have worked in a kitchen with temps pushing 135. heh! I adjusted after the first hour or so. Bring a dry shirt with you to put on when you leave. Also try not to walk in and out of coolers when...
[QUOTE=redace1960]not a chef. i have said rare, really really rare, 'philly style', black and blue, blue, extra This is refered to as a Pittsburg style steak not Philly :chef:
Comunication is key; if the wait staff comunicates what the chef considers a temp to be and then I am sure the customer can make an informed decision :chef:
Your business, you are the Chef! I would much rather be known as a good cook because there are plenty of chefs who can't!
Note to you professionals: Buy the mozzarella curd and mike your own your taste buds and your customers will thank you. Plus you have the bonus of being able to say "House Made" on your menu
There is NO way, I repeat NO WAY that you can replace the love of a well made stock with a base product. As one of the replies before me said, It all begins with the stock if you start with S*** then you end with S***! If you start with a good product it not hard to finish with a stellar plate if it's the sauce or the risotto or even the savory parmesean grits. Make your stock and you will taste the difference!
To Rblum, No I am not saying that your experience doesn't matter I am trying to bring the point that with your experience and a formal education you will rocket through the ranks like no other! Coming from school you will be familar with food cost and labor control but will need assistance in applying that knowledge. If another canidate with a degree from let's say CIA and the same number of years experience as yourself were to apply for the same position I would...
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