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Anyone here ever try making almond paste without a Cuisinart, blender,etc. Would it really have to be ground into a fine paste? I have lots of time to use knifes or whatever other means to reduce it. Will not be getting another Cuisinart until after the first of the year.   Thanks
The cookie recipe calls for using anise extract but can't find any locally. But I do have anise seeds and am pretty sure I can use them but not sure in what amount.   Bond
I live in a very small town out west and the nearest big city is over 140 miles away.
I can't seem to find any anise extract in my area and time is of the essence and unable to order online. Can anise seeds be used as a substitute and if so - how much would be need for a teaspoon of extract. Any other substitutions out there?   Thanks   Bond
Hi-   I am putting together some gift baskets using Italian ingredients like salami,bruschette,olive spread,etc. Looking for a cheese that can be shipped without fear of spoiling. Don't like the real hard cheeses like parmesan,etc. Was hoping someone might be able to recommend an more appropriate cheese. I figure 2-3 days shipping time.   Thanks   Bond
Hi Everyone-   Am planning a month long camping trip out west. No refrigeration. For the sake of saving money on food rather then buying MRE'S or freeze dried foods, I am trying to come up with food items that can be made ahead of times and used without fear of spoilage during the trip. Granola is something I was thinking of. Anyone have any other ideas?   Bond
Thought you might be interested in this.   Bond
Hi Everyone-   Anyone here use those fancy molds for making springerle?  Do not really like using the traditional recipe since they come out as hard as a brick. Just wondering if someone can recommend other recipes that can be used with these molds. I don't like gingerbread either.   Any help will be appreciated   Thanks   Steve   By the way- if anyone has any molds they want to sell, I might be interested. Send me a PM.
Iron Chef America- have you ever tried out for that show? Bond
Hi Everyone- I have a idea for a new way to decorate cakes and requires an inexpensive plastic "gadget" to make it work. Anyone have any ideas on where or who to contact regarding the viability of the concept? I have no idea how to go about this. Thanks Steve
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