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SushiGaijin, Thanks for your information. I've recently discovered tilapia sold live in a couple nearby Asian markets. Haven't tried buying the live fish yet but expect to shortly. Any advice on that?
plus d'argent :D
Nostalgia, Thanks for the link. I would also want a 10" pan but maybe that's what you meant was covered with your saute pan.
How did you leave out "I'll have you know?"
I also understand your concern with the All-Clad handle especially on the 10" pan. At least once a week I use it to roast coffee beans. The way I do that involves shaking the pan constantly and tossing the beans every 10 seconds for nine to ten minutes. That put a little strain on my wrist in the beginning but I've gotten used to it. Although I would prefer a more ergonomic handle, I wouldn't trade the pan for any other I know of.
ptdurk Jock gave you good advice. If you decide to follow it, while you're at the book store, I suggest you consider buying a broadly comprehensive book that doesn't require a lot of prior knowledge. I strongly recommend either "Joy of Cooking" or "How to Cook Everything." You'll find either of these helpful right away and equally useful when you're making recommendations to your own college age kids. Good luck
Thanks for the tip. I'll definitely watch for it.
My uncle suffered a similar demise but I think the cause was cast iron. My aunt was acquitted of all charges.
For a two or three egg omelet I use my 8" pan. Good Luck
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