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Someday---A Few Post Backs I noticed u said u couldn't pay for NECI...How did that situation work out...Did u get financial aid?
Hi ijyaung As a FCI Grad How was ur overall experience?
The admission counselor told me when i went to go visit that it will be better to do the night schedule because u will be doin dinner menu in the last two levels 3-4 and told me u get better recognition by doin dinner over breakfast and Lunch.He also pointed to me that the day cost more than evening because the day schedule includes Essentials of Artisanal Bread Baking and Wine Courses which he said u can add to the evening schedule on separate or later on if want to and...
Wow JW have u doin assignments like that. Thats something new.
Thanks Sleepy_Dragon I really appreciated the indepth information the school. I also didn't kno they let u skip the 1 quarter of baking&pastry arts since it is covered in culinary arts. I read on a website that Seattle is rating one of the best places to live. How was ur transaction from new york to seattle? What would a new yorker have to expect? I gain a good interest in the school now im lookin for a lil more info on Seattle.
Thanks Sleepy_Dragon Your information was very helpful. 500-700 is my price range i want to spend for an apartment. That price range is great to a person like me from nyc. Seattle Culinary Academy is 3/4 less than culinary schools in nyc. A few other questions i have is Does the school enough kitchens and enough equipment in those kitchens to give ou a well-rounded education? Is their a library? How much time is actually spent cooking?
Hi Sleepy_Dragon I got a few questions? How was ur experience at the Seattle Culinary Academy ? Does the school help with offcampus housing? If not what area i should look in to that is nearby to the school? Does the school help with job placements?
I took both culinary arts and baking and pastry arts class and i found alot of students in the class like culinary arts better than baking and pastry arts. I really enjoy both fieds but I feel that Baking and Pastry Arts is a bigger challenge than culinary arts. Im also in process of deciding which field i want to go into.I need a lil help on this decision. Which is the better Field Culinary Arts or Baking and Pastry Arts? Based on the great amount of money earned and...
Hi Shannon I became passionate about this field when i was in college also.My feedbacks about FCI is that is a great school. CIA is also a good school. But i don't want to spend 2 more years in school when i already graduated from college recently. I am leaning towards goin to FCI most cause i would be done in either 6 months if i do it in the day or 9 months if i do it in the evening. I recently went to visit the school and i love every minute of it. I recommend you to...
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