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Played with a simple dip, coat, and fry yesterday. Came out great and shouldn't be an issue. Was trying to over-complicate. Now to keep the guys from overcooking or worse, undercooking.   Thanks for the guidance.
Even after an just an overnight marinate they were tough. I will back off and do a dredge. Maybe just go with a simple brine. Sous vide did come up in conversation, alas, no immersion circulator. Might be a reason. Thanks for your help!
Buttermilk marinated semi boneless quail for three days and after a dip in seasoned flour then quick deep fry it is still tough. Not dried out but still tough. Any thoughts or ideas on how to remedy would be appreciated. I am not totally committed to the buttermilk.
It may be safe to eat and personally, I don't mind it. Set that on a table in front of your guests and I guarantee you will get it back in the kitchen or you will be buying that chicken dinner 99 out 100 times.
Jim, We must be the odd man out, our guest counts, bottom and top line are up over last yr. Raising prices in a slow methodical fashion with menu changes on a quarterly basis. Also allows us to take advantage of seasonal items. Creating the perception of value through menu mix. Offering comfort food items with a little twist. Heavy marketing to my established guests to keep their attention and keep them from straying. My top 500- We are in their inbox at least...
Personally I would rather plow through a plate full of fresh picked morels, maitake, boletes or a nice fresh puffball in the afternoon after a morning in the woods.
we used to dry brown sugar out over nite in the oven and then grind it in a food mill and keep it dry. drop it on the creme brulee and tip off the excess. Best i have ever seen or used.
Try Gordon Food Service. I know they are delivering in the Chicago area. They have a line of all natural beef as well as natural chicken and I believe pork as well. I am not sure at all about the turkey, veal or lamb. No hormones, steroids or antibiotics 300 days before slaughter on the beef. Its not Niman Ranch but it is a step in the right direction with a reasonable price. All items are stock items. Since they are the 4th largest broadline supplier in the...
You have absolutely nothing to lose. The universe rewards action.
Today's Cookbok Prize is: Oysters: A Culinary Celebration by: Joan Reardon Oysters for the staff of life! :D Thanks to you for such a cool marketing promotion!
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