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Docs, hands down. They make a pair of retro tennis shoe-like shoes that are very, very good for cooking. All leather is good, the sole resists grease and oil, and it's full of air to boot (no pun intended). I've worn Docs for almost 10 years now.
I'm hard-pressed as well to find foods I genuinely don't like. I'm not a fan of canned vegetables. I'm not a fan of liver unless it's cooked correctly. I HATE liver & onions together. I LOVE liverwurst. I love almost all fresh vegetables, even eggplant and brussel sprouts. I love seafood, but hate store-bought fish sticks. Parsnips are food of the gods. One thing I really don't like is meatloaf. I make one with tomatoes that I can eat, but I end up using more...
Interestingly enough, I'm the one who grills at my house. When it comes to the grill-offs that happen amongst our friends, I'm the only female that grills. Heck, I've asked for a Weber for Christmas in preparation for next year's grilling season. Men's activity my brassiere. My boyfriend burns everything he tries to grill. :D
I don't use a digital camera and I really don't use color film. Taking black and white shots of food just isn't the same. I'm working on doing more with color film but it's a hard transition for me for some reason. My camera is, however, a decent old SLR that can handle the shots...the problem in my case is more the cost of scanning. :P
I'm going to get everything I use for my Christmas appetizers from a store that I know carries Iowa produce and dairy. Wheatsfield Grocery in Ames. If you don't know where that is, you should look it up...the place is great not only for organics and natural foods, but they also carry fresh Iowa dairy products and meats.
I could make the dinner portable by having finger foods instead of soup, but no one really wanted that. The maid-rite idea is better than the pizza idea. I just hope that if I make a few fancy little things as appetizers people won't yell too much.
I'm partial to blogging and I do it myself, but I need to find some good food blogs. Perhaps this thread would help me find some. :) Believe it or not, http://emerils.com is a good place to find recipes as well. I also watch it. I'm currently waiting to see if any of these guys redeem themselves. This season has been a disappointment for the most part in the food category, at least to me. In the episode where they had to do a tasting menu for a party of 60, I have no...
I stay away from Red Lobster for a reason, but I did enjoy when my boyfriend and I went to Olive Garden in Des Moines. The server was friendly, the service was excellent, the food was really good for what it was, and I loved the salad. I don't go into Olive Garden expecting four-star perfection. In fact, I'd go there again. I think that in most of these restaurants location makes a big difference. I also tend not to **** an entire chain for an experience had at one...
The pizza disaster seems to be diverted toward Maid Rites. Considering we follow the old Maid Rite recipe, this should be much more to my liking. I'm still doing the appetizers, however. We need some new and interesting things to try. :)
Sirloin. Bacon fat, trimmed from the bacon (fry the rest later to top your burger). Grind together. Salt, pepper, worcesterchire sauce. Mix in, but don't overdo it. For toppings, I tend to go with cheese (usually American and another kind for those more adventurous), ketchup, mustard, pickles, onion, tomato, lettuce, mayo. Kinda like a burger bar. I cook these to just medium. I serve the burgers with thinly sliced (1/8 inch or so) and mildly marinated (with salt,...
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