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Old Ewald still at it huh. Thats good he was always my favorite in the day.
Even better than the first one you won't be disappointed.
Appreciate the correction there Chef........I did misspell it.
No doubt Julia Childs....might checkout Jacques Pepins as well...The French Laundry maybe another one you could checkout...James Patterson is another author of French cookbooks...
I think hes a good chef. Of course I would say that considering hes from Greenville South Carolina only 35 miles from me.........
Love that #1 there.
Thats good I like it too, just not as good as the original Japanese version.
You got a remote? Iron Chef America in no way compares to the Japanese version of the show.
Like pHatch said Martin Yans books are good. Also try checking out some of the later Iron Chef books the original show not the US version. You can most likely find some on E-Bay.
There is one but for the life of me I cannot remember the name of it. (the company that is.)
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