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Odd. Never met her. But she did not strike me as that type person. Guess it goes to show you never really know someone till you actually meet them.
Just in case I do not get back around here for another year just want to wish everyone here at ChefTalk a Merry Christmas have not been here for a while. Happy Holidays Rook
Are you serious?
Yeah Jacques Pepins is real educational I like him....
Happy Birthday Jim..... Regards Rook!
Cannot hurt to cross train. You can get the basics of both and then hone your skills once you get into the real nuts and bolts. Just my two cents for what its worth....
It would be a shame to see either leave really. I suspect Morimoto most likely but thats just a hunch.
Thanks all appreciate it. I am doing ok Ch.
Pans idea of the marzipan is good it will hold up well in the heat. The logo idea works too. Hi ya Pan. Its been a while bud....
checkout this link Welcome to the Fresh Loaf | The Fresh Loaf
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