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I agree Pan and Kuan its so simple really I don't know why theres such a problem with it? Oh well, dead issue not much more I can add except to say good luck I am on to wrap christmas gifts. Merry Christmas Pan & Kuan and everyone else here to. Rgds Rook
In making caramel adding fats such as milk or cream these act as what is known in some circles as interfering agents or invert agents. The fats bond with the sugar molecules not allowing them to fall out of solution while boiling any shaking or stirring of the mixture during this time will cause the sugar molecules to fall out of solution thus crystallization. Are you using a candy thermometer? Shirley O Corriher in her book "Cookwise" lists the temp for caramel between...
Pan did they throw you out? Rgds Rook
All this makes you wonder if people really think about what they are saying before they say it? Jim the one about the chicken is a riot! Hope you included map instructions to the nearest emergency room with it. Unreal. Rgds Rook
Sounds like it was over pulled. What type coloring are you using? When are you adding it? Rgds Rook
I go to other boards but to be honest when I have a food question it goes here. Been here long eough to know that the people here know their stuff and I trust the advice I get here completely. I may go to other boards but Cheftalk is my favorite always has been and always will be! Rgds Rook
Well you've came to the right place there chef welcome to Cheftalk just jump right in where you like. Rgds Rook
Sounds like he had better do poured sugar there Momoreg. Newbiechef get used to having your fingers and hands burned you can wear rubber gloves but they will not afford your fingers much protection from the heat! The pump you can make out of an old blood pressure cuff just cut the tube and pump off the cuff you can use a metal tube to insert in the end for the tube copper will work. As far as heat lamps go do you have an small electric heater that has a controllable...
Would not use it. Tried it for a while did not like it. FireFox all the way!!!!!!!!! Rgds Rook
I would not worry about it. The sellers on E-Bay are pretty reliable with descriptions. If you have doubts ask the seller before you bid. I have bought lots of things off E-Bay and everything has been just as described. Rgds Rook
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