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Try here,1-...la_bar,FF.html
Well I just took a gander at it. Looks pretty good. But there are a few things I agree with Tigerwoman on. LIke putting the last paragraph in bullets would be nice. Basically Tigerwoman has it pegged all I can say but then agian I am no webmaster. Rgds Rook
Making a coating. I hate messing with chocolate its down right tempermental in nature. Rgds Rook
M its a white cake petit four. Rgds Rook
Whens the best time to add alcohol to tempered chocolate? I am using a clear rum, Bacardi. Thanks Rgds Rook
Your link is incomplete would not come up with that web address. Rgds Rook
Pans right.......... Rgds Rook
I would be concerned about leaving out the cocoa since a red velvet cakes taste hinges a lot on the cocoa powder in the mix. Or maybe I read something different somewhere else. Heck Pan I could be wrong. Rgds Rook
Yep, Rick could have helped him a lot. Rgds Rook
Hi ya chef and welcome to Cheftalk. This may get more attention in the Professional Chef forum than here. This is the Welcome forum where you introduce yourself. Maybe Mezzaluna will see it and move it for you. Good Luck with the exam! Rgds Rook
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