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Oh you can do it chef go back and give it another shot I have seen your work on your website you have the talent to make some impressive sugar pieces. Rgds Rook
Chefpeon you can purchase cotton gloves to go under the latex ones. I do not use them but I have heard of it being done.
Boy! I have tried my best to stay out of this but enough is enough. I agree with most everything that has been said to this point. And it really shocked me when I heard her say she was a cook and not a chef. Does that destroy her reputation in terms of what viewers see and hear on her shows? I think it gets down to basics really as far as Food Networks concerned. Shes bubbly, full of life to say the least and her personality attracts viewers like her or not what does it...
Best build it yourself most of the stuff you can make. But if you want to buy it go to Albert Usters website or go here Rgds Rook
From what I have read only the instructions are copyright not the ingredients. The instructions are considered a literary work and cannot be reproduced. Maybe Suzanne or someone else will see this that knows more good luck. Rgds Rook
Yeah have a great day Suzanne. Rgds Rook
Heres wishing you the same CC and to everyone else here at Cheftalk have a great and safe Happy New Year 2007! Rgds Rook
Good Luck Bill. I have been where you are especially on the cleaning end. Rgds Rook
Why not try their website if they have one. Sometimes its not always the pans thats the problem. Ovens can vary in temp get an oven thermometer and check your oven agianst that. There are so many variables its hard to go into all of it here. Rgds Rook
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