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Got up early to try making cinnamon rolls.  Since they require to rise twice..that is like 2 hours of inactive time.. would it be possible to break up the steps and when?  It seems simple enough.. add the sugar and butter/milk to the yeast and water mixture.  Add eggs then beat until the the dough no longer sticks to the sides of the bowl.  Then you let it rest in a warm place to two hours. At this point, can I stick them in the fridge and finish them next morning? 
Hey, Anyone knows if I can use extra virgin coconut oil if a recipe calls for coconut shortening (oil)?  it says 2 cups.  Also, coconut milk (1/2c) and cream of coconut (4T).. just wondering since I have Savoy coconut cream on hand and if it makes a difference. Also, flaked coconut.. is it the bakers sweetened or unsweetened?   Thanks!
Another attempt using french method Using joy of baking recipe.. I used electric Purple wilton paste but it looked Pinkish.. Some of the top of shells fell off bit at least they did not have cracks on top.. Still trouble shooting.. The shells get soft or dents easily.. Baked them at 325 for 14 to 15 min
I know there le cordon bleu in dallas which is a culinary school. There is also an art institute and el centero community college and collins college that offers culinary programs. I am near dfw airport and interested in baking. I cannot answer your other questions but hope someone else here can!
Red velvet with cream cheese icing. The cupcake had a dome top when it came outta oven. Also was not as moist as i would have liked. Also kind of bland. What exactly is a red velvet suppose to taste? It has oil and buttermilk and butter and cocoa. But it not Choc cake?
I have the cake bible but have only made the grand marnier cake..but I messed fault.  If want to use your flavor syrup then a genoise would be good for that since they are drier?  But I have not really used syrup but may try it since I find it to be my favorite part! 
Yummy.. petals.. may have to give that recipe a try using rasberry on sale.  Siduri... post a pics or update on the cake!  MissyD: gonna give your bailey's cupcake a try soon since I got my liquor now.  So, many things to make!  But, I need a chocolate cake fix right now
Nutty swirly bundt cake from dorie greenspan. I decided to plump up my raisins by soaking them a tad bit of rum. So this is what i had to eat ans drink for dessert
My fourth attempt was better. One Batch had cracked tops and was on lowest rack in oven. Over heat? I was afraid they get brown edges so only baked them 9 min at 350 deg so they split when peeled away from parchment. So will bake them longer next time and let cool completely. Keep practicing! I wonder how to keep the ganache from smudging and make them neater to pack
Nice to hear from you again.. I just made another attempt at macarons with joy of cooking recipe. I noticed the bottom batch closer to bottom of oven had cracked tops. Also i had a hard time peeling them off the parchment paper. Should i let it cooled completely or bake them longer?
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