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Hey, Looking to replace my pans or perhaps upgrade them. I bake more so I don't know much about general cookware. I have pretty much bought whatever is on sale such as cephalon or Farberware. I have read other threads about all-clad. I am just a home cook so I really like my 2 quart pan for almost everything from sauces to boiling eggs, a skillet for frying stuff. Perhaps a good stock pot for boiling chicken. Any suggestions on what I need and where to buy...
Hi, Sorry if this is a repeat, but what are your input on the silicone bakeware such as muffins and cake pans? Are they the same material as silpat? They were on sale but I was unwilling to trade in my wilton cake pans etc... They look so colorful and I was tempted to try them.. do we need cupcake liners or even bakers joy since it should release on its own?:rolleyes:
Hi, My brother has been in jail for most of his teenage years for doing young stupid things. He served his time, so now trying to move on with his life. It is hard to find a job with a history and all. He has a passion for cooking and I am trying to guide him to get an education and get a job. As for the future, what are his choices? I am sure most restaurants may not overlook his past so getting a job may be limited. Would an education help? He may open his...
I have posted a recipe for pumpkin cheesecake under the pumpkin thread earlier. Check it out since there may be other recipes as well.;)
Hi I stock up on fish sauce, oyster sauce, hosin sauce, sambal chili, soy sauce, sesame oil, dried shitake mushrooms You can use soy sauce, oyster sauce as a liquid marinade for most chicken such as thighs, boneless breast, or even wings. Try adding dried chili to give it a kick. When I stir fry, I would mince garlic, sliced onions before tossing in the boneless diced chicken breast or whatever to want, even tofu. Then I would taste and add sugar or fish...
Hi, I am a fan of banana bread. I have tried several internet recipes but most calls for veg. oil not shortening. Why do you use one vs the other. Also, why baking soda and powder. I like to understand the use of ingredients since mine either turns out dry or uncooked in the center and burned on the bottom. I have added toasted coconut and chocolate chips for extra sweet.
I have the Adam's brand in my pantry. I got it from Walmart. It is less expensive at Walmart. I don't use much of it. I used it for a coconut cake recipe.
Hi, Planning to bake my Thanksgiving pies soon. I usually do pecan and pumpkin pie since my husband like it. The pumpkin pie recipe in on back of the libby's canned pumpkin. I wanted something different up a notch. The smooth texture you get at bakeries. Any suggestions would be great! I tried a pumpkin pie with cream cheese from Paula Deen but it tasted kind of strange. So I am sticking to the old fashion pumpkin pie.:chef:
I liked the starbuck pumpkin loaf (slice) also. I recently made a pumpkin bread recipe that was posted on another thread (pumpkin recipes). It kept its shape well. You may try that and see if it is what you are looking for. Perhaps you can post your recipe and others may make suggestions. The thread also include other pumpkin recipes like pumpkin roll which may be good for gifts! Good luck!
Hi, I am only a home baker but I have seen a recipe for chocolate chips adding vanilla pudding box. It does give it a better shape and give it some bulk. Also I when I make a cream cheese brownies that calls for a cake mix as a base layer, I usually get the one with pudding in it. I guess the marketing works on home bakers like myself. By the way, I was watching Paula Deen and Giada and they always use cake box for their cupcakes. They only add some...
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