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I often wonder about the tiny variances in amounts for in cookies or baked goods recipes. BTW, I made the some oatmeal raisin cookies and they turned out darker than other cookies i have baked.  I also made a batch of choc chip cookies from bobby flay throwdown recipe.  His turned out flatter and crispy edges but stayed soft in the center.  It spread more than I have wanted even though I chilled the dough.  I am in the process of testing out my fave chocolate chips...
so this recipe uses quick cooking oats...are the old fashion interchangeable...thanks everyone
I want to make a cookie platter for bday party.  I have request for oatmeal raisin.  I am not a fan since I have not tasted one that is soft or chewy.  Most are hard and too sweet.  Anyone has a recipe for a soft oatmeal raisin?  Do I used quaker old fashioned oats or rolled oats?  Other cookie flavors I plan to make  are chocolate chip, M&M,, and cherry white choc chip macadamia cookies.  Do anyone have a basic dough recipe that i can use and add different topping to...
I am asked to make red velvet cupcakes for a birthday.  I dread frosting cupcakes cuz it is always messy for me.  My cream cheese frosting either is too soft to pipe or too stiff upon refrigeration that I'm unable to squeeze out of piping bag.  I had the plastic pastry bag break a few times since I was squeezing too hard.  The recipe I used is 16 oz or 2 packages of cream cheese, 1 stick of butter, 1 to 2 cups of powder sugar since I don't like it too sweet.  Is there a...
just bought a madeline pan.. any recipes that you guys have success with?  I tried a coconut madeline but I didn't have the pan a the time.  It turned out as a cakey cookie... I like it to be slightly crispy outside edge and soft in middle.. but definitely buttery! 
A friend gave me a brownie recipe but she used ready made frosting.  But it was sweet and ruined the brownies.  Anyone have a recipe for icing or ganache that will spread but then firms up to make cutting easier.  I know some folks use melted chocolate and heavy cream or butter.  What is the ratio and what kind of chocolate to offset the sweetness of the brownies itself?  Bitter or dark chocolate?
anyone has any tips on how to make a choc chip cookie round cake that you see from nestle tollhouse?  I want something portable and easy to slice so I thought a cookie cake!  Is a made from scratch better or keep its shape?  My recipes are always soft and it breaks easy..how do you keep it even and not puffy..do you need a certain round pan or any pizza pan will do...thanks!
made the lemon poppy seed from "cake bible" by rose levy b. The height was not as high as her picture.  Also, the hump on top flatten as it cooled.  What am I doing wrong?  am I not aerating/mixing it enough?  the recipe uses 1.5 c cake flour and 13 tbsp butter,  3/4 tsp baking powder, 3 eggs, 3/4 c sugar..etc.  
I love blueberry muffins..anything with blueberries.  I have made some with butter and some with veg oil, with buttermilk.  Made some with glaze and struedel.  Each has its pros and cons.  The butter has good taste but dry but I prefer not to use oil.  A friend gave me one to taste and it was fluffy.  She used a white cake recipe and made it into blueberry muffin.  The cake recipe uses shortening, egg whites, milk.So what are yall take on what a muffin should be? a cupcake...
anyone has a recipe for a using white chocolate chips and cream cheese frosting. I have only made cream cheese frosting but though white chocolate added would be more stable.. hoping I am correct?
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