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yea i think that is what ill do just not allow them to call my previous employer. actually i like to cook but im working on my degree and i find cooking to be a nice experience for me and ive been able to make good money fast. i dont plan on being a chef for the rest of my life just through out school. thanks for the input
alto-shaam cook and hold ovens are your answer. they do the job quite nice they run a little pricy but not that much. dont cook your meats in those newer alto-shaam combitherms they have the option of cooking in steam, convection, or combination of both steam and convection, personal opinion they ruin the texture of the meat making it really soft crust and sometimes on occasions poor coloring of meat crust, the pro is that it has even heating through out the whole oven, i...
I've just quit my job, my boss kept insisting that i make work more of a priority than my schooling. Now im unemployed and have very little of an income saved up. On my last day of work the chef was pushing me around literally and threathened to fire me. he is a new chef to the place. ive worked with zero patience and zero tolerance chefs, i felt i was doing the best to my ability. now for the next part i used to be the sous in this restaurant and was always ready for...
I dont know if this counts as a gas explosion but the electricity went out in the restaurant last summer and we have to reset the gas deal and then light up the whole line equipment up again, well the flatops have to be raised and another fellow has to light it up with a lighter. I was the fellow who stuck my arm in to light up the pilot and i guess the gas had been on for a good 20 or so many seconds and my eyebrows got burned a little on the top side of my left eye. It...
Thanks for the answers guys. I just go right with the burn but i was just wondering if there are were any nice tricks beside the wet towel.
I wish they wouldnt show so many reruns. They have the foodnetwork challenges where the chefs, bakers make sugar sculptures and cake decorating. Dont get me wrong I think they are great but showing it 5 times a week. Oh and does anyone watch that show called A Cooks Tour, i know i know not many like Anthony Bourdain but i take a liking to this show i like the crazy adventures he goes on to vietnam and jamaica and stuff. It is on thursdays 4/3 am central time. I enjoy his...
What do you guys do when you get burned? What do you do to help you out during rush time and you get a burn and dont like the annoying burn sensation? Any suggestions is greatly appreciated
I like foodpump's idea... Dont worry about some of the members cant make everyone happy. Stay up, later.
Garlic Confit how do i make it?
Wal-Mart shoes are the way to go. I tell you my treadsafe shoes kicking hard still and its been like 5 years
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