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Hi, Harold! Nice to have the opportunity to learn even more from you. Okay, we've discussed this before, but let's have another whack at it. I was told by several people at my other food forum ( that I must have done something wrong if I didn't like brined turkey. You know there is a huge brining bandwagon, and one year, to see what all the fuss was about, I jumped on. I used the recipe that the San Francisco Chronicle swears up and down is perfection...
like-minded foodies to yakyakyakyakyak about restaurants, travel, cooking, and food porn. I blog about small farms in the San Francisco/Monterey Bay areas, and have traveled to other regions of the country to visit farms there, as well. Maybe coming soon to a farm near you! Howdy, everybody. (Hi, Suzanne!)
For the record, I was a devoted fan of Oakville Grocery, preaching the word for years and years, until my most recent visit to Napa Valley. The place is so crowded, it resembles the clich├ęd "can of sardines." We peeked in and left, and headed north to Dean and DeLuca. Now D&D has become my favorite place to grab a picnic lunch. Unbeatable, and spacious as all outdoors. It's got three or four times the variety and none of the claustrophobia.
Hi, Stephanie: Diamond Organics is a wonderful company: I know several of their farmers personally. (I blog about small farms here in the San Francisco/Monterey Bay area.) You might also plug in your zip code at and see what's around you: you're looking for a CSA farm. CSA = Community Supported Agriculture, which allows families to buy shares in farms. Everyone benefits. LocalHarvest will also allow you to find farmers markets in your area. It's...
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