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I used to wear sneakers (new balance). They were ok, but then I switched to a pair of Red Wing steel toe boots and my feet are very happy, my ankles never hurt I know I would have broken at least a few bones when I dropped a full roll of mylar film right on my foot...steel toe saved me.
no ac in the kitchen, so afternoons prepping are pretty sweaty. The humidity makes it 10x worse. I am on the grill though, which is in the dining room, so I at least get AC on one side, and well over 100 degrees on the other side..
i've worked in places where you got ONE drink after your shift, maybe a few more depending on who is watching. The place I am at now, nothing during service, while cleaning up the cooks and dishwashers get beers, but whoever is left to man the line for the last few orders doesnt get a beer. There is one exception thought, when things get hairy out in the steak pit (in the dining room), we have been known to do ramekin shots of brandy...not that I approve. ;)
i know it's a bit late for this season, but I know pretty much every place on Cape Cod in the spring is looking for help...i doubt you would have any trouble finding a decent gig for the summer. alot of people head out to the ski resorts for the winters too.
I find the mental thing to be true. I burned right behind my thumb the other day, and it was a slow night, and all I thought about all night was the burn...and sure enough, it was blistering later on...and I almost never blister when I burn myself. Also, I almost NEVER put ice or cold water on a burn, it may stop the pain, but it will come back as soon as the ice comes off. Just suck it up, and the pain will go away (unless it was a really bad burn). I dont burn...
wore new balance sneakers. they did fine over an 8 hour shift, but my feet were killing me after a few 15 hour days.. switched over to red wing boots (steel toe), and my feet feel great, and are always comfortable...the first few weeks the bottoms of my feet were sometimes a little sore, but now they feel great.
Personaly, I use a 8" Wusthof chef's knife. After I saw the tang snap on a cheap knife the head prep guy was using, and almost lost a few fingers, I got him a 8" Henckels Chef knife, the international series. Cheapest of the line, but I hear its the same blade as all the other ones. Anyway. It is basically a clone of mine, impossible to tell apart! I sharpened both mine and his the same day a few weeks ago, I checked his blade today and it was razor sharp, while...
Do a Google search for "knifesafe". I just got the 8" one, fit perfectly on both Wusthof and Henckel 8" Chef Knife. Dishwasher safe. The one concern I have is the hinge is bending plastic, so I could see it maybe breaking in a year or two, but it can still close without the hinge, and they are cheap.
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