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Well i ordered it. Is the differnet handle shape the only difference in Contemporary and Simply Calphalon? I guess it just looks better to some people. Guess thats why i have a wusthoff culinar instead of a grand prix lol.
Well i needed a good, affordable heavy skillet. I found a 12 inch Calphalon Contemporary non stick for 39.99. Does anyone have an opinion on this skillet?
I think any reputable company would make a fine knife. Personally i use a 7 inch Wusthof Culinar for pretty much any job. I have really large hands(i can palm a basketball with extreme ease) and the handle still is large enough for my hand. Ultimately just find one that is comfy. I do however disagree with the thinking "a comfortable 20 dollar knife is better than an uncomfortable 100 dollar knife" Im sorry it just isnt.
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