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no offense. but i think black chef coats look super queer eye gay.
fish spatula. i dont know where you guys work, but i hate tongs. and no place i worked allowed me to use them. it bruises meat and rips apart fragile objects.
ruined? dude, all you had to do was heat it up and melt the cream down.
what is the best method to remove the claw meat in 1 peice without having the fully cook the claw?
Tonight (14th) is my birthday and I just wanted to share how excited I am that I somehow got reservations to Topolabampo. I'm a big fan of your work Chef Bayless and i can't wait till 10 o'clock when im seated.
ouch, i lived in orlando during my stint in culinary school (orlando culinary academy) and there arent alot of nice places to work unless your gonna get into the theme park buisness.
a paid internship is an externship
croque madame
amen, most of the time, corporation kitchens suck. i cant find one good one...well when i say good, i mean something id take a significant other to. i eat hot pockets and big macs
use grapeseed oil for best has least flavor and itll pick up whatever herb you use. i like trotter style oils. so blanch herbs (adding some spinach adds color without a spinach flavor) to get out all that beautiful chlorophyll and cuisinart/blender with oil. press through cheesecloth. save for up to 2 weeks? i dont know how long it holds, cause once i have it, i love to garnish plates with the neon green stuff good stuff: basil...
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