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I'd say your probably under a contract....a prime vendor agreement.....I'd be willing to bet the community is run by a management company that recieves mucho dinero at the end of each year or quarter if certain tagged items are purchased.  At times companies will lock into prices each year hoping to come out on the winning side....sadly it doesn't work all the time.....If no one upstairs has a problem with you running things the way you need to.....then go over your...
Those are loaded questions........Bag, Purge, useable scrap, unuseable scrap, all depend on and vary from piece to piece and packer. Your best bet for post cooked yield is probably the altosham.....low temp....to mid rare........good luck.
Time....more time....and a little more time.....after a good many years, you'll find it's not about money at all.....it's the instant gratification you get from pleasing others with what you prepare or create. Set your goals five years out and follow them. Who gave you the idea that you would fall out of school into a well paid job as a head chef? Just curious.
Leave "your" recipes behind. I worked for a large group of restaurants for a good 12 years. When I was younger the owner came in and had a bowl of soup. Out of the blue, he said "Steve, this is one of the best soups I've ever had". He then proceeded to tell me, "but, if you don't have a recipe, and none of the other cooks or chef can make it, it's worthless". He walked out of the kitchen. I have always kept composition books with all the recipes for each...
One simple rule.....never when working.....the trick is finding some sort of moderate level......and absolutely "never when working".....I've seen plenty as well, from crack to heroin....it's sad.
Nato....I just can't do nato...my sister in law eats it over rice for breakfast......just can't do it......
I ask them to make me eggs over easy, eggs over medium, and an omelet.....pretty much tells me if they can cook....once a high paced breakfast job is mastered, you can pretty much teach them the rest. I continue to be amazed by the amount of cooks that cannot toss eggs or cook breakfast. Most think its beneath them and a low skill position, until the try it.
I've seen it in mexico also.....looks like that picture was from NY. Although it looks pretty unsanitary.....you should know that type of meat was probably heavily salted and air cured for at least a day.....hence the color.....I don't know the spelling, but, we make something called "sesina". Traditionally its fairly thin cuts of beef that are salted and air cured raw on the roof for a day. Then grilled or cooked on the grittle. I imagine the salt slows the...
If your worried about the filling.....just blanch them first!
Just Jim, try the "Naot" Nordic........use to wear Birks to, but like these.
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