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You need at least a 12" slicer blade and at least 1/2 hp motor if you want to slice plain jane 4" square or larger blocks of cheese. Sorry, but it is what it is
No....perhaps I wasn't clear enough. If Chips has a problem with my post, then he should address it. He didn't, and then ontop of that, says he's not coming back. Read what you want into that. That being said, I can respect your posts: You tell it like it is, give me opportunity to respond, and best of all, still are participating, sharing knowledge and real life experiences.
Someday, I've had a lot of people tell me I have my head up my rear. Sometimes I deserved it, sometimes I didn't. But in each instance I was told WHY they felt it was so. Our newly departed member did not give reasons, fir telling me why he felt so. nor did he give any opportunity for members to ask for elaboration on his reasons. Why is this so? Why did Chips respond the way he did to my post a day AFTER he responded to my same post with some kind of mumbo jumbo...
Well, someday, it might have something to do with having "me head up me arse", not elaborating or commentig on this, but instead running away from the site. Prior to this comment my posts were brief, informative, polite, and in no way vindictive to anyone. The thread is open for everyone to view and decide if what I say is true or not. Its a pity chipshopman can't explain his side of the story....
Well, ChipShopMan, if you walk away now, I guess you will never really find out, eh? Good luck in NYC, Hablo espanol?
What really matters, chipshop man, is what the health inspector says if s/he ever observes someone preparing food, or even opening food packaging with a pocket knife. If it doesn't result in a royal dressing down sh*t fit, it will result in fines or demerit points, or both.So, no, its not o.k.Ok?
To be perfectly honest, I do have a pocket knife most days. This is a hangover from my time in the Swiss army whete we had to have a variety of items-including a pocket knife - on our person at all times, or discipline would be meted out ("Sack befehl" or "pocket orders) That being said, the two rules are--like I mentioned above, always have the knife on a chain or lanyard and attatched to a belt loop, clips are useless. Two, and most important, only use the knife for...
I just use zip lock baggies, small ones for sauces, bigger for stocks. Lay them flat and freeze, this way they dont take up too much space. I wince at the thought of frrezing glass jars, its no fun cleaning up glass shards in a freezer.....
Wasn't that the knife that was, uh, "featured" in the tv series "Breaking Bad"?
Problem is, people with the qualities you are looking for will never be a "2nd chef", these are people who do things for themselves. In other words, entrepeneurs. Settle for either an invester, or a good cook, or a good chef. But you can't have all three.
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