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I think there are a few issues all lumped in together here.   Yes, I regularily use recipies from others.  Some I get from books, some from magazines, some have been handed down to me.  Fair game as far as I am concerned. If you don't want others to use your secret crabby-patty recipie, don't print it.   Plating or presentation is another issue.  Everybody has their own style, it would take a lot of effort and concentration to perfectly imitate another guys work.  Now...
Howabout making a flavoured syrup?  Make a cinnamon or whatever flavour syrup you want, strain, store, and to your coffee?
Fair question:   What Gov't or state-wide recognised standards/and/or qualifications are there for the profession of "Cook"?
Oooh those photos bring back memories!   When I had my catering business, I used to a lot of those quiches, think I had 8 or 9 deep fluted forms.  Some of them had removable bottoms which were ideal, so I "converted" the rest to removable bottoms with a jigsaw and a new 9" bottom.   Yours look great!
Ummmmm. convection ovens have been around for 30 or more years now, and are pretty much standard in any commercial kitchen.   What's different?   The fan   The fan blows around hot air, resulting in slightly shorter cooking times and slightly lower oven temps. It's not perfect, there are a lot of trade-offs though, especially with pastries and finer baking 
A lot.   How much?   Can't say untill I've seen the actual property and know the local codes in your area.   Your biggest cost will be ventilation--not the s/s hood, but the shaft from the hood to the roof, the extraction fans, and the make-up air system. How much? Dependent on the building and the location of the hood, which dictates the run of the shaft.   Next biggest cost will be plumbing.  This includes the grease trap, hot water heater (and ventilation for...
My honest advice?   Bake off the wings in the oven.  You can reheat in the fryer if absolutely neccesary, but don't cook raw wings in the fryer.  Natural juices and especially natural salts (you aren't salting the wings before deepfrying, are you?) will break down the oil much faster   -Salt in the fryer oil will break down the oil very quickly   -Strain daily, better yet twice a day.  Crumbs and crud in the oil break down and burn, and then the oil starts to break...
ACF credentials are nice, but are they Gov't recognised?
The drawers are good for portioned meats, pasta, etc, but not for long term storage.   Typically a drawer is = to a 9" deep full size hotel pan, some may be larger, but all will accommodate hotel pans or fractions of hotel pans.   They work best located under the burners, flat top, broiler, etc, and are pretty much perfect for pre-portioned meats.   Hope this helps
I did fill the questionaire out.   U.K. english and N.A. english are a bit different.    "Catering" in N.A. refers to having the food brought to the customer, as opposed to having the customer come to food (restaurant, hotel, pub, etc.)
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