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To be honest, I never read the whole thing. After the first few sentences I start to wander and look for a paragraph break. No paragraphs and too many run-on sentences, and I just skim to the end.
What are you? An owner, without actually owning the business. Other than the hard labour, its not that bad--you can always walk away and no one will chase you down.
Drop chef Is the person who "drops" the fryer basket....
Basically, pros have the tools they need, and hobbyists have the tools they want.   Which might explain that every decent professional cook in N. America uses a p.o.s. aluminum saute pan that has warped to a bowl shape, with a loosey-goosey handle and rivets that dribble liquid , and can still put out wonderfull dishes.
Circles  and squares are not the same.   Its all about the surface area. A 16" round will fit on a 16" square platter, but a round has much less surface area, which means less ingredients, and your most expensive ingredient is cheese.   Do yourself a favour and scale out your pizzas, a round and a square and see how much more the difference is.   Then do the math.   Hope this helps
Bid sheets are waay too much work----for the rep, not the purchaser of course. I remember when I had the catering business and Syck-o wouldn't leave me alone, "love bombing" I think they called it. Rep would pop in like he owned the place and was starting to get p*ssed after the 5th or 6th time when I wouldn't order anything "Look, every other caterer uses our frozen cake sheets, lemon sunburst squares are our #1 Seller, let me give you a case to try" "Does "X" caterer...
(Deleted) effin (deleted) Hell!    Pannini,  You scared the living life out of me.  Syck-O Owns the whole state, huh?  Which means they won't deal with small indie vendors either, and the ones that they do deal with have got to suck butt  royally to let Syck-o carry their lines.  What a racket.    And I'm guessing the Syck-o reps are all either presidents or treasurers of any and all Chef's/ Baker's associations in the State as well?
Not in my experience. Eggs, for instance weigh anywhere from 50 gr ea. to almost 75gr, multiply this by 10or15 and your recipie is waaaay out of whack. Butter NEEDS to be scaled out, especially when you buy it in bulk 25kg cubes, you can't eyeball a hunkk and say it weighs 680gr. For bread, yeah, you may be right, a sack of flour, this much yeast, that much salt, and liquid measure of water. How on earth do you do inventory without a scale? A confession though. I...
Well....   I operate my own bakery/chocolate shop.   I have a table top dough sheeter, so I make my own doughs, including puff.  I use the sheeter for cookies, scones, and for many of my bon-bon and choc. bar fillings.   I buy in frzn all-butter croissants because they are a pain in the a** to make in small quantities, and the packaged phyllo as well.   Other than that, I make everything in house, all cakes, pastries, fillings, jam, marmalade, even candied citrus...
Yup, for the holes, yah use the same tare weight as for donut holes.
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